NetBeans 6.8: C/C++ Documentation Plan



This mini doc plan is part of the umbrella NetBeans 6.8 Documentation Plan. It contains detailed descriptions and status of documentation deliverables for the NetBeans IDE 6.8 release for the C/C++ functionality (also known as CND) of the NetBeans IDE 6.8.

Types of deliverables

The following are informational artifacts that are planned to be created for the NetBeans 6.8 release.

  • Tutorials: new and updated, published on netbeans.org/kb/docs/cnd
  • Screencasts: new
  • Online help: new and updated, integrated into the build


This table lists only new tutorials to be created for the NetBeans IDE 6.8 release. The entire list of documents to be updated for CND is listed in the NetBeans 6.8 Documentation Table

Title Priority New or Updated Location Planned start date Planned due date Notes
Using the Thread Microstates Tool 1 New kb/docs/cnd/thread-states.html September Beta done, needs updating for FCS
Using the I/O Usage Tool on Solaris Operating Systems 1 New kb/docs/cnd/io-usage.html September Beta done, needs updating for FCS
Data Race and Deadlock Detection in C/C++ Projects 1 New kb/docs/cnd/dataraces-deadlocks.html Oct 29 FCS ...
Using Parallel Adviser for C/C++ Projects 1 New kb/docs/cnd/parallel-advisor.html Nov FCS ...
title goes here 1 New kb/docs/cnd September FCS ...

Outline of new tutorials

Thread Map tutorial

  1. Introduction to explain what Thread Map helps you find out about your app running on Solaris and OpenSolaris, including what kind of applications is it useful for? Only multithreaded apps?
  2. Preparing to use the tutorial -- install OpenSolaris, log in as the user you created when you installed OpenSolaris which has dtrace permissions set up correctly already. Download sunstudio package (optional?) and/or gcc-dev to get compilers.
  3. Look at the Tools > Profiler Tools to bring up Profiler Tools Manager, and point out the Profiler Configuration (which should we use here, Gizmo?) and Preferred Data Provider options. Select DTrace as the data provider, and select the Thread Map tool. Explain that this sets up the defaults for projects, and you can change on individual project basis in project properties.
  4. Create the ProfilingDemo sample app and talk a little bit about what the application does.
  5. Check the Project Properties > Profile to make sure that DTrace is the provider and check the Run node to set the console type to Output window if you want it to look like my screenshots.
  6. Run the project and talk about what is shown in the MSA tool.
  7. Click the Thread Map button in the MSA tool as it is running (don't wait til it is finished). There is one thread at first until you're prompted to start the Parallel portion of the demo. When you do start the Parallel part, there are more threads that show up.
  8. Go through the different views -- show all threads simple view, and Full MSA view. (Do we really need 4 views? Maybe the Simple and the Full MSA is enough, rename Basic and Advanced). Show the hover details.
  9. Show how to isolate specific threads and how to get back to all threads/livethreads/finishedthreads.
  10. Click an interesting spot on one of the threads to show the stacks dump in the bottom panel. Explain what this is showing you.
  11. Click one of the lines in the stack dump to show the file opening at the line where the function is.
  12. Hover over the magenta or green profiling metrics in the left side and talk about them. Looks like it is showing the thread lock info (waiting time and number of times the thread had to wait to get a lock).
  13. Go back to thread map tab and show the zoom function by selecting a thread and clicking the + magnifier
  14. Talk about the scroll bar which enables you to go through the runtime and see the microstate of each thread at any given time
  15. Do we want to give some information about microstate accounting? Should we talk about how these values were determined as I think it is some algorithm to combine various states. Not detail, just general info.


Title Location Planned start date Due date Notes
title location planned start due date notes

Online Help for IDE

This table lists new JavaHelp topics that will be created for the NetBeans IDE 6.8 release.

Title Location Planned start date Due date Notes
C and C++ Development cnd/javahelp/org/netbeans/modules/cnd/help/... Oct 19 Nov 15 80% done Oct 27. Added help for profiling and Data races and deadlocks
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