Technical Council Review Specification - NetBeans 6.7.

NetBeans 6.7 Performance Improvements


Performance of the IDE continues to be an important topic, together with quality it is going to be a release driver for NB 6.7. There are still issues to be solved, as we receive pretty clear feedback from our users, as well as we can see various problems internally. For the next release we'd like to address issues most affecting the users and also help developers reproducing and fixing perf. problems. There are also some ideas how to improve quality together with performance.

See the future press release to get the idea what we would like to have at the end of the release.

Features and tasks planned for NetBeans 6.7

We have summarized the issues at the post-6.5 performance topics page. Not everything from this page will really happen, prioritization is in progress, the list for 6.7 has not been finalized yet. The highest priority topics are:

Some of the performance topics pair well with quality (another 6.7 release driver). E.g. the IDE ergonomics would reduce the size of the IDE and so number of bugs for an average user, or getting rid of deprecated APIs.

Significant features and tasks not planned for NetBeans 6.7


Interactions with other features and teams

Most of the planned changes come under the platform (core) and java infrastructure. Some changes may affect more teams, though hopefully not very much: e.g. the deprecation API removal, or UI proxies for features activated on demand.

High level design

Some design thoughts are present in the documents. The main design decision to be made :

  • Do we want to work on the IDE ergonomics for NB 6.7? I.e. to give the users only the features they really need? Or do we want to keep trying to fix every single problem connected with the IDE size?
  • How to address the problem of IDE not immediately ready after startup?
  • Create an experimental module with the up-to-date check executed only explicitly on user request.
  • Try to make indexing API for queries usable during scanning so Go to Type can really work just after startup. More described here.
  • Improve the UI indication that the IDE is not yet fully ready/responsive (no final solution found yet).


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