NetBeans 6.7 Localization Scope

Product Features


Component Japanese Simplified Chinese Brazilian Portuguese Russian Release
UI/Msg yes yes yes no ML FCS bits
OLH no(*) no(*) no(*) no ML FCS bits
Webdocs yes yes yes tutorials nb.org from Eng FCS
Update Center Modules NB stable modules NB stable modules NB stable modules no After ML FCS
DVD yes yes yes docs only English only DVD + 30 days
Patches yes(**) yes(**) yes(**) no as available
Bundles yes yes yes no monthly

(*) Leverage will be done from 6.5 messages. Evaluation of content will be provided. Based on results of evaluation, decision will be taken to deliver OLH in English only or with leveraged text from 6.5.
(**) Based on evaluation of changes.

  • Other Languages:

Community contribution and simultaneous shipping of Platform + Download pages translation will be intended. Current candidates or communities ready to participate are:
Spanish, German, Polish, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Turkish, Albanian.

If your willing to participate and see your language listed here, you can always drop us an email @ dev@translatedfiles.netbeans.org. Just precise which language you'd like to participate to and someone on the mailing list will follow-up!

Release Vehicles

  • Bits release on netbeans.org, zh-CN.nb.org, China server
  • NB ML Starter Kit DVD
  • Localized docs on netbeans.org, developer.sun.ru, zh-CN.nb.org, ja.nb.org
  • Other possible distros (JDK, Java EE, MySQL bundles)

Roles and Responsibilities

The Globalization team is responsible for:

  • Localization engineering tasks, including finalizing l10nkits for translation, workspace management for localized content, pre- and post-processing tasks for workflow and translation memory processing, file encoding conversions, publishing webdocs to nb.org and other sites, and other file manipulation tasks.
  • translation of product and webcontent related to the product release
  • localization testing and reporting
  • bug filing and l10n bug fixing
  • project management and project documentation, vendor management, community consulting.

Release Milestones

Milestone Timeframe
6.7 ML FCS 6.7 English FCS
L10n web docs and content GO LIVE Staggered release 30-60 days after English FCS
Localized UC modules l10nkit handoff + 30 days
Patches Simship with English patches (or every other patch release)
NB ML Starter Kit Final l10n docs GO LIVE + 15 days
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