NetBeans 6.7 L10N Platform Engineering Process (for Community Language)



Thank you very much for your contributions on NetBeans translatedfiles project! Now all files can be translated by CTI. Please read the entire process on the document. Once you translate on CTI, localized files will be generated and integrated to the repository by CTI operators.

We recommend CTI as common translation process for NetBeans IDE. However, if your team still wants to use OmegaT, please send email to team alias.

How to localize

NetBeans IDE is an application written in Java. So the localization means mainly translating .properties files and html files. Some JavaScript files are existing for download page.

You can start NetBeans Platform localization first. Then try Java SE.

There are some special files. Following file enables your language to appear on the Download Pages. If you're willing to share your contributions with the rest of the world, leveraging from the NetBeans.org structure, make sure you have localized and committed following file.


#To localize, change this value to the name of the language in that language (e.g. "Japanese" in the Japanese language)

#To localize, change this value to the name of the language in English (e.g. Japanese)

#To localize, change this value to the current localization locale (e.g. ja)


Localized files are being integrated into target repository by CTI operators. You don't need to touch the repository.

Daily builds

Available @ http://bits.netbeans.org/netbeans/6.7/community/latest/

Status and validation page

Please inform your language to dev@translatedfiles.netbeans.org.

Clusters and installer

Our primary goal is to localize NetBeans Platform so that it can be used with many user application based on NetBeans Platform. Once NetBeans Platform is completed, let's move to next - Java SE IDE. Please discuss in your team about the goal. Java SE IDE is not small.

Please inform your goal to team alias once it's decided. CTI operators will prepare your projects on CTI.

Here are the corresponding clusters for NetBeans Platform and Java SE. The cluster numbers are eliminated in CTI, for example, "platform11" is "platform" here.

NetBeans Platform

  • harness
  • platform10

Java SE

  • NetBeans Platform (harness, platform10)
  • apisupport1
  • ide11
  • java2
  • nb6.7
  • profiler3
  • websvccommon1
  • nbi (for installer)
  • install (for installer)

Download page

3 .js files need to be localized. The format should be unicode ascii.

Languages, status and contributors

See TFL10nCommunityStatus

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