NetBeans 6.7 Documentation Plan



This plan is the umbrella plan that covers information deliverables for the NetBeans IDE 6.7 release created by the staff members of the NetBeans docs team.


For the NetBeans 6.7 release, the focus for documentation falls into the following categories:

  • "Connected" IDE Adoption

Tutorials, video demos, and blogs that show integration of the IDE with available cloud solutions.

  • 6.7 New Features and Sun Platforms Adoption Docs
  • Providing deeper end-to-end tutorials to address more complex user scenarios that leverage existing functionality and demonstrate the use of other Sun platforms and products.
  • Create new docs (or update existing ones) to demonstrate the use of new 6.7 features.
  • New Content and Updates
  • Creating new content for some areas (such as PHP, Ruby, etc.) and updating critical 6.5 documents to work with the 6.7 release.
  • Help
  • Context-sensitive topics for complex dialogs and wizards will receive the most attention. Comprehensiveness is a non-goal. Some steps will be taken to improve search through help sets.

Who Does What

See the Who Does What for NetBeans 6.7 Docs table for a list of owners for each area covered by the NetBeans documentation team.


See the NetBeans 6.7 Documentation Table for a list of tutorials and screencasts, including older tutorials that still work for 6.7 (or which will be updated for 6.7)

Doc Milestones

Doc milestones are set against the overall release milestones that are shown in the NetBeans 6.7 schedule

Note that the dates in this table will change if the milestones that they are tied to (e.g. beta 1 release) change.

Milestone Estimated Date Actual Date Notes
M3 Release, Feature Freeze March 26, 2009
Beta Staging site ready Mon, Apr 6 Tentatively, 2 wks before Beta
Beta Release April 20, 2009 Beta content due Wed, Apr 15
UI Freeze May 11, 2009
Online Help 90% complete TBD
Code Freeze May 25, 2009
Online Help Handoff TBD
RC1 June 1, 2009
FCS staging server ready June 8 FCS Web Content Due June 17, Web Docs 100% complete
FCS pushed live June 22, 2009 Sanity check after push
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