Serious bugs reported in Community Acceptance survey for NetBeans 6.7

All bugs listed in the following table were selected by respondents of NetBeans 6.7 Community Acceptance survey as showstoppers. Quality Assurance department evaluated all of them prior to releasing FCS to be sure that nothing got overlooked. We thank everybody who participated in the survey.

Bug # Description Priority Area Evaluation
Issue 160777 Debug test file generates xml output in project root for maven project P3 Java Minor issue
Issue 166142 JUnit's Go To Source menu item doesn't work in Maven projects P3 Maven Minor issue
Issue 166773 6.7 Doesn't use "Other Test Resources" When Running Tests P3 JUnit Minor issue
Issue 135475 Maven processes keep alive after stopping them P3 Maven evaluate as candidate for Patch 1
Issue 121950 Wrong error badges umbrella P2 IDE Umbrella for all problems with error badges, partially will be fixed in NB 6.8
Issue 162320 Wrong formatting of comments P2 PHP to be delivered in Patch 1
Issue 166668 First process collapsing code folds P3 Editor ENHANCEMENT
Issue 166659 Un-comment broken for rhtml / erb / dryml files P2 Ruby Fixed in trunk, to be delivered in Patch 1
Issue 144038 Mixed Java/Groovy sources in Web Application P3 Groovy Enhancement, no plans to implement this soon
Issue 42683 Should avoid rebuilding shared subprojects P2 Java Complex problem, we'll address this in NB 6.8
Issue 140390 NetBeans startup regression: org.netbeans.modules.java.hints.analyzer P3 Java Minor issue, mainly failing tests
Issue 119617 Cursor lost in editor P2 Editor Random issue, nobody is actually able to reproduce it from NB team
Issue 133943 Make the IDE usable during scanning P2 Editor Umbrella for all scan-blocking issues, we'll address this in NB 6.8
Issue 161367 Scanning projects task never terminates P1 Editor Fixed in RC2
Issue 166800 Opening of netbeans projects from OpenJDK sources needs 2 hours P2 Ant Needs to be investigated deeply
Issue 134990 Source path modification initiated from build script starts scanning P2 Java Complex problem, we'll address this in NB 6.8
Issue 160940 Code-Completion/Hint processing erases editor text P2 Editor Needs to be investigated deeply
Issue 166554) Only 21 INSERTED should have been thousands P3 DB to be delivered in Patch 1
Issue 166496 Variables pane is empty in debugger P1 JavaScript Fixed in RC3
Issue 166801 Order of items in debuggers source window not adjustable P3 Debugger this issue depends on Issue 165742 which will be addressed in NB 6.8
Issue 167282 I am unable to run "fix imports" and seach class by name P3 Refactoring Needs to be investigated deeply

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