NetBeans 6.7 Beta Testing Status

Area QE Owner(s) Testing Notes/Issues Build(s) tested Go/No Go Status
Maven Jaroslav Pospisil Couple of regressions and issues in Maven/Web Services area,but no stopper.Issue 163043 added to Release notes. Build 200904192254. 200904220001 GO
Debugger, PHP Filip Zamboj Issue 163249 Build 200904192254 PHP: GO, Debugger: Go
Editor/Java Jirka Prox Issue 163001 - integrated Build 200904192254, 200804220001, 200904230001 GO
Ruby, JavaScript Martin Schovanek Issue 162970 Build 200904192254, 200804220001, 200904230001 GO
Web, JSP, HTML, CSS Jindrich Sedek Issue 163378, all fixes integrated and verified 200904192254, 200804220001 GO
XML, Installer/AU Michael Nazarov A lot of minor issues, no stoppers. 2009-04-19_22-54-40, 2009-04-22_00-01-10 GO
Mobility Andrei Chistiakov Fix for Issue 163043 is verified with 200904230001 Build 200904192254, 200804220001, 200904230001 GO
CnD Alexander Pepin Build 200904220001 GO
Profiler Ivan Sidorkin Build 200904192254 GO
Performance Oleg Khokhlov Build 200904192254, 200904220001 GO
Form, Svn Pavel Pribyl 200904220001 Form: GO, SVN: GO
C-dev Jara Uhrik Build 200904192254, 200904220001 GO
Java EE Michal Mocnak A couple of issues found. Marked as FCS stoppers Build 200904220001 GO
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