NetBeans 6.7.1 FCS Testing Status

Area QE Owner(s) Verify fixes
Go/No Go
Sanity test
Go/No Go
Installer test
Go/No Go
Upgrade test
Go/No Go
Maven Jaroslav Pospisil Go GO GO GO
PHP Filip Zamboj Go GO Fixed Issue 168614
Debugger Vojta Sigler(Filip Zamboj) Go Go x x Fixed: Issue 168626
Editor/Java Jirka Prox GO GO x x Fixed: Issue 168807
Java FX Alexandr Scherbatiy GO GO GO x Fixed: Issue 167865
Projects Petr Dvorak GO GO x
VCS Daniel Krezelok x x
Ruby, JavaScript Martin Schovanek GO GO x
DB Martin Havle GO GO GO x
Web, JSP, HTML, CSS Jindrich Sedek GO GO GO x
XML, Installer/AU Michael Nazarov GO GO Issue 163249 fixed
Mobility Andrei Chistiakov GO GO x
CnD Valeriy Soldatov (Alexander Pepin) Go Go Go x
Profiler Matus Dekanek Go Go Go Go
Form + Support modules Pavel Pribyl GO GO GO GO Issue 168531 fixed, Check Module Tool now reports 0 errors after update
C-dev Jara Uhrik(Petr Dvorak) GO GO x x
Java EE Michal Mocnak GO GO x x Found deadlock stopper in indexing Issue 168388
Performance Oleg Khokhlov GO GO x x
C/V tests Ivan Sirodkin x
Server Plugins Davis Nguyen x x

Dates :

  1. July/15 by COB CET - Verify fixes - see Verify fixes at the bottom of this page
  2. July/16-17 by COB CET - Sanity test
  3. July/20 by COB CET - Installer test
  4. July/21 by COB CET - Upgrade test

How to verify

  1. download last build from release67_fixes clone and verify the fix (build available http://bits.netbeans.org/netbeans/6.7.1/rc)
  2. check module for regressions
  3. change Status Whiteboard from 67patch1-fixed to 67patch1-verified
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