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ID Doc Prio Target Owner Comp. Status Short summary
122089 P3 6.5 vstejskal editor RESOLVED Deprecate old Completion API
133913 P3 6.5 - editor NEW Improve Editor Work flow and Fix Usability Blockers
97825 (doc) P3 6.5 - j2ee RESOLVED Collect UI gestures for the Java EE area
122125 (doc) P3 6.5 jlahoda java NEW Implement I18N and NPE Check
135129 P3 6.5 - mobility NEW Visual Designer for Ricoh/CDC platform
135131 P3 6.5 - mobility NEW Support for phoneME (CLDC) and phoneME Advanced (CDC)
123769 P3 6.5 akorostelev php RESOLVED Active code block highlighting
134398 (doc) P3 6.5 jbecicka platform RESOLVED Implement Quick Search Feature
134670 P3 6.5 dsimonek platform NEW Make NB Platform WinSys configurable
37198 P3 6.5 saubrecht platform RESOLVED revise DnD drop active areas, especially for notebook users
73640 P3 6.5 saubrecht platform NEW Unify Add to Palette action
105598 (doc) P3 6.5 tor ruby RESOLVED Ruby Option Settings redesign
122889 P3 6.5 tslota web NEW GWT support as a stable quality module (on the update center)
125119 P3 6.5M1 jrechtacek autoupdate RESOLVED Better UI of balloon like tooltip
123448 P3 6.5M1 mmetelka editor RESOLVED Add "Insert" submenu into editor's contextual menu
95077 P3 6.5M1 vstejskal editor RESOLVED Remove editor related options from the Advanced options dialog
105594 (doc) P3 6.5M1 - form RESOLVED GUI Builder Settings redesign
103219 P3 6.5M1 dbalek java RESOLVED No way to Import/Export "Java Code" Formatting preferences
122097 P3 6.5M1 dbalek java RESOLVED Per Project Formatting Settings
134680 P3 6.5M1 mkubec javawebstart VERIFIED Java Web Start enhancements
126770 P3 6.5M1 dlipin nbi RESOLVED [[[PLAN6.5 | [PLAN6.5]] NetBeans Installer can`t automatically find Java (64-bit) on Windows x64
105589 (doc) P3 6.5M1 jskrivanek platform RESOLVED Object Types and File Types Settings redesign
109538 P3 6.5M1 jskrivanek platform VERIFIED Allow to pre select subcategory in Miscellaneous category
117877 P3 6.5M1 potingwu web RESOLVED [[[60cat | [60cat]] No managed beans available in JSP Completion
134307 (doc) P3 6.5M2 davidvc db VERIFIED Provide support for Sakila sample database
133682 P3 6.5M2 mentlicher debuggerjpda RESOLVED Implementors of EditorContext does not scale when several debuggers installed
95092 P3 6.5M2 mfukala html RESOLVED Remove HTML options from the Advanced Options dialog - cleanup code
132185 P3 6.5M2 - java RESOLVED Implement go to symbol
121913 (doc) P3 6.5M2 t_h platform RESOLVED explorer+nodes performance improvements
95072 P3 6.5M2 jskrivanek platform RESOLVED Remove Look and Feel options from the Advanced options panel
138189 P3 6.5M2 saubrecht tasklist RESOLVED Fine-tune the task list window
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