Plan for NB 6.5 Performance improvements

This is an implementation plan for performance improvements targeted for NetBeans 6.5 release. It covers work done by the performance team and also many important issues solved by other teams, but still not all performance work done for 6.5 (e.g. fixing reported performance bugs is not included).

For an overview of what's being done for 6.5 see the list of planned improvements.


Important NB 6.5 Dates

  • Milestone 1 - June 11
  • Feature freeze - July 14
  • Code freeze - August 27
  • Final release - September 30


This plan is divided into several two-week milestones. The paragraph under each milestone describes what should be done (finished) by the date of the milestone. The plan is checked and updated weekly (on Monday).

June 2

  • TODO: Will also try to have list of removed classes - weekly
  • TODO: Tests migrated (rewritten), but there are still some issues with the infrastructure to be resolved to be really able to run the tests...

June 16

June 30

July 14 (feature freeze)

  • Image:yes_NB65PerfPlan.png FitnessViaLaziness - API for lazy children creation, FilterNode support
  • Image:yes_NB65PerfPlan.png FitnessViaLaziness - Use the API in DataSystems, at least a bit (lazy explorer - only show the actually visible content, incrementally)
  • Image:yes_NB65PerfPlan.png Do not load action classes from Windows menu IZ 137709

July 28

  • [[File:]]
  • Image:yes_NB65PerfPlan.png (Jarda, Tomas Z.) P2: Start scanning of project classpath after all projects are opened - projects will open faster, will have complete classpath sooner (e.g. for the Go to Type dialog), avoiding lots of events about classpath modification during project opening, simpler and better defined procedure of opening a project, potentially less work done. IZ 67270

August 11

August 25

  • (Jarda) P3: Make sure closed projects don't leak, make part of commit validation.

Tasks not yet included in the plan

  • (J. Lahoda) P3: Fast Sources Packages expansion - reusing data from scanning. IZ 134555

Test Infrastructure

  • P2: Common dashboard fixes - adding cold start, easy comparison between builds, visualization of regressions, etc.
  • P2: New UI tests - e.g. for PHP.

Other changes with significant effect on performance/responsiveness

  • Image:yes_NB65PerfPlan.png (Java&Editor team) Compile on save - incremental compilation of java files every time a file is saved; should speed up time to run a project or file (i.e. test changes). IZ 132165

Dropped tasks (postponed after 6.5)

  • (Tomas Z., ?) P3: Faster building of complex (enterprise) projects - with multiple dependencies on a common project. The current compilation with ant exposes the problem with bigger projects - does not scale. IZ 42683
  • (Jarda, Tomas Z.) P3: File changes events coalescing - avoid repeated re-indexing/re-compiling when multiple files are modified during a longer operation - e.g. cvs update or refactoring.
  • Found too dangerous for 6.5. Will try to incorporate into new repository updater (created for new parsing API) which would postpone updating during versioning update.
  • (Pavel, J. Lahoda) P2: Navigation working and responsive during up-to-date scanning - at least Go to Type dialog and Ctrl-click in editor. IZ 133943
  • Dropped due to lack of time and only knowing a suboptimal solution. Will try to incorporate into new repository updater (created for new parsing API) which would stop scanning/updating for some time.
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