NetBeans 6.5 Mobility Documentation Plan



This plan gives an overview of the information deliverables for the NetBeans 6.5 Mobility release.

Objectives For This Release

Our objective for this release is, as always, to highlight and explain new Mobility features to drive adoption while maintaining the existing documents that attract developers of varying experience levels.

The following features are likely to be included in the 6.5 Mobility release:

  • API support for creating Custom Components
  • New set of Rich UI (SVG) Components
  • New Custom Component based on the Data Binding library
  • Editor changes that make Java ME projects easier to import and export from IDE.
  • Support for Blueray/IPTV (CDC feature) pending legal and licensing approval.


  • All planned features have been implemented by time of Feature Freeze and no major UI changes are implemented between feature freeze and UI freeze.


  • Features and the corresponding UI elements need to be complete enough to accurately document.
  • UI stability is critical for step by step documentation accuracy.
  • Engineering available to answer questions or review drafts related to the new features listed above.
  • In the case of tutorials, Engineering will supply an application that illustrates the subject of the tutorial.

Docs Priorities

  • Tutorials that highlight new 6.5 features
  • Reviewing existing docs for 6.5 compatibility
  • Minor updates and bug fixes to Online Help

Strategy for OLH in 6.5 Mobility:


  • Fix 2 reported bugs
  • Add CSH/UI help to new wizards being created for custom components


  • Clean up a stray links


  • Add additional info about new features into existing topics if possible within the constraints of the schedule

Mobility New Documentation Deliverables

Priority Item Writer SME Date Due Notes
P1 Online Help 100% Complete BS iTeam 8/23
P1 All Web site pages updated BS N/A ongoing
P1 Data binding Brad Andrei 10/27
P1 Creating Custom components Karol/Spb Karol/Spb live on wiki
P2 Blue Ray in CDC projects Brad PeterS tbd
P3 SVG Components Denis Denis Wiki is live add to current VMD ref wiki

Mobility Documentation Updates (Review for 6.5 Compatibility)

Priority Item Writer SME Date Due Notes
P1 NB 6.1 MIDP Quick Start Brad Karol 10/27
P1 NB 6.1 CDC Quick Start Brad Karol 10/27
P1 NB 6.1 CDC Emulator Setup Guide Brad Karol 10/27

Note: for a full list of Java ME tutorials being delivered for the 6.5 release, please see the 6.5 Document Table

Mobility Screencasts for 6.5

Priority Item Creator SME Date Due Notes
P1 NB 6.5 Java ME: Using the VMD Web Services and Databinding Brad Andrei 11/03
P1 NB 6.5 Java ME: Getting started with Mobile application development with NetBeans Brad Karol 11/10
P1 NB 6.5 Java ME: Something with CDC (Blue Ray or Getting Started?) Brad Karol post FCS?


See the NB65DocPlan


These dates based on current information. They may change due to various circumstances, such as date slips, unavailability of SME, or unavailability of sample applications.

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