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NetBeans 6.5 Localization Schedule

Overview of Multilingual Release

Milestone Timeframe
6.5 ML FCS 6.5 English FCS + 30 days maximum. English FCS has been delayed and now ML will simship.
L10n web docs and content GO LIVE Staggered release up to a maximum of 60 days after English FCS docs go live
Localized UC modules l10nkit handoff + 30 days
Patches Simship with English patches (or every other patch release)
NB ML Starter Kit Final l10n docs GO LIVE + 15 days

Critical Dates of L10nkits for Translation

Note: Ideally, 90% of UI/messages should be translated, reviewed and TM updated BEFORE OLH is leveraged from the TM database for translation. 100% of UI/messages and 90% of OLH should be translated, reviewed and TMs updated BEFORE webdocs are leveraged from the TM database for translation.

Type Number When Receive Integrate
UI/msg l10nkits 3 * 1st after Beta (50%)
* 2nd after UI/message freeze dates (CANCELLED)
* 3rd after Code freeze (100%)
16 Aug
18 Sept
13 Oct
* 3 weeks
* --
* 21 Oct (1 week after English FCS and 1 month before ML FCS)
* 22 Oct (1 week after English FCS and 1 month before ML FCS)
Online Help l10nkits 2 * 1st after UI/message freeze (90%)
* 2nd at Code freeze (100%)
1 Sept
15 Sept
2 weeks before ML FCS
Webdocs l10nkits 1 * RC 8 Oct 4-6 weeks staggered delivery
UC messages, Help l10nkits 1
Patches messages l10nkits 1 At each or every other patch start date

Critical Dates for Community to Deliver Translations

  • to Hg Workspace
  • for Final FCS Build
Date Event Notes
24 October LAST date to commit translations to 6.5 FCS branch Last l10nkit for translation received 13-16 October. That's about one week only to complete the translations. Translations should be integrated to Hg continually and daily builds tested. Fix bugs and reintegrate. Do regression testing.

Detailed Schedule

Start End Date Base Milestone ML Milestones & Tasks QA
15 Jun M1 Feature Freeze Determine l10n scope
14 Jul 21 Jul 21 Jul Beta Feature Freeze Finalize l10n project plan & schedule
14 Jul 8 Aug 8 Aug Beta High Resistance
* L10nkits are generated regularly
* Integrate l10n files into the source tree to get build (latest base sources + previous l10n resources)
* Fix open l10n bugs
* Monitor P1 bugs
* Analyze l10nkit (volume analysis, NOI18N, kit problems)
Phase 1: Sanity testing cycle; verify reported issues, learn new features, create test cases.
8 Aug Beta Go/No Go
* Request regular ML builds
* Set translation schedule
* 1st UI/msg handoff
Phase 1: Sanity testing cycle to coincide with translation commits (every 2 weeks?); verify reported issues, learn new features, create test cases. Test cases ready before integration of 1st translations.
18 Aug Online Help 90% complete * L10n test plan and test cases finalized
* 1st major handoff of Help to translators
Phase 2: test the latest integrated l10n
1 Sept UI/msg freeze Phase 2: test the latest integrated l10n
8 Sept * Online Help 100% complete
15 Sept * I18N product l10nkit complete and accurate
* Installer i18n complete
Repeat cycle:
* Translation
* Review
* Integration
Testing & bug fixing
24 Sept ML installers/builds are accurate and posted to internal/external sites  ???
29 Sept shortcuts.pdf ready for translation
13 Oct Code freeze Last msg l10nkit evaluation; installer i18n complete L10n testing
14 Oct High Resistance starts Translation begins of final l10nkit deltas
14 Oct RC1 build Translation L10n testing
15 Oct Branding integrate branding - no sooner L10n testing
21 Oct RC1 LIVE Translation, integrate L10n testing
24 Oct -- Final L10n integration L10n testing
27 Oct Web docs 90% complete
28 Oct RC2 LIVE Last opportunity to integrate L10n testing
4 Nov RC3 LIVE Web docs translation starting. LAST OPPORTUNITY TO INTEGRATE L10N. Focus on DL, install testing
5 Nov Webdocs l10nkit is 100% complete. FCS Branding * 1st and only handoff of Webdocs to translators
10 Nov FCS Go/No Go
18 Nov English + ML FCS Go Live
Stable UC l10nkit available
Patch 1 l10nkit

Detailed Translation and Testing Schedule

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