NetBeans 6.5 Localization Project Plan

Scope Details


  • Software (UI/messages, Online Help)
  • Product and Release Documentation on the web, according to the DOCs HANDOFF TABLE as follows:
  • Release documentation (index pages, Release Notes, Install Guides)
  • Product Pages
  • Tutorials, Quickstart Guides, and Learning Trails
  • other documents of priority in the 6.5 DOCUMENTATION PLAN
  • Put Docs l10n.list here

Update Center Modules

  • Create a separate, detailed link on NB65Localization page with details regarding engineering, scope, tasks, schedule, testing. The Sun Globalization team commits to localizing the NB-created modules. Other Sun-provided modules will be evaluated and localized on a case-by-case basis. Modules submitted by other parties are out of scope for this team and may be localized by community volunteers or if a high priority.

DVD Starter Kit

This information is found on the Jupiter twiki and not accessible from this site.


This information is found on the global.sfbay twiki and not accessible from this site. Generally, patches are published in ML form (Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese languages are in scope). As far as NetBeans are not available in ML form, patches are published in English only and they are re-built and re-posted on AUC when NetBeans in ML form is released. Provided a bugfix in a patch changes a text, the translation to Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese languages is needed.


  • will consist of NetBeans + monthly JDK updates (Java SE 5, 6). Other bundles may be added to the scope, such as GlassFish, Java EE or MySQL.

This information is found on the Global.sfbay and Jupiter twikis and not accessible from this site

Out of Scope

  • Screenshots for webdocs: images are provided to translators for reference. If time allows, Sun localization engineers or community may decide to localize the screenshots.
  • i18n testing
  • Demos (flash)
  • Code samples
  • Beta and Third party Update Center modules
  • Promotional materials
  • Technical papers and one-pagers
  • Beta program
  • netbeans.org, in general


  • Build Engineering Support
  • Request externally available ML builds (zips or installer) daily after English Beta is released.
  • Request dev build support for community contributed translations
  • Responsible for building L10nkits and making them available before Beta feature freeze
  • How to write l10nlists


Supported Platforms

Priority Lesser Priority Comments
Java SE 6U7 or U10 5, 7, OpenJDK Win, Linux, Sol, Mac
OS/Browser Windows XP Pro SP3 (IE 6/Firefox 2.0)
Ubuntu 8.04 (Firefox 2.0/3.0)
Sol 10 sparc, OpenSolaris/Indiana (Firefox 2.0/3.0)
Mac Intel 10.5 (Safari latest)
Win Vista Bus (IE7)
RH Ent 5
32 bits are priority over 64 bit
Servers Glassfish v2 (J2EE 1.4 + Java EE 5)
Tomcat 6.0 (Java EE5 + persistence in web, JAX-WS)
JBoss 4.2
WebLogic 10 (J2EE 1.4, JavaEE5)
Tomcat 5.5
JBoss 5.0 (J2EE 1.4)
AS 8.2 PE (J2EE 1.4 + persistence in ejb, web projects, JAX-WS)
WebSphere 6.1
Glassfish v3 might be important
DB JavaDB(supplied with IDE)
MySQL 6.x
Postgres SQL 8.x
MS SQL Server 2005
Oracle 9-10
VCS CVS 1.12
Subversion 1.4.6
Mercurial 1.0
Rational ClearCase V7.0
CVS 1.11


Category Risk Description Probability Impact Exposure Trigger Risk Mitigation Contingency Owner
Schedule, Quality Software (UI, Messages or Help) changes or updates after code freeze, patches 0.7 0.4 0.28 Bug fix integrations or sw changes after code freeze Make development and QA aware in pteam meetings, risk table and emails. Monitor bugs and announcements. Don't translate or move out l10n FCS date.
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