NetBeans 6.5 Installer Plan

This page contains a list of planned Installer features for NetBeans 6.5. If you have any opinion, ideas, priorities, etc., please discuss them with us via our Installer mailing list.

Features (or RFEs) are sorted by priorities, top-down, meaning P1 as the highest priority. Thus it's very likely that features on top of the list will be implemented firstly. The features in bold are usually larger ones, mainly concerning the time needed to implement them (but just a guess, might be wrong estimation).

P1 - must have feature. Without it IDE might be even awkward to use. Almost bug. Will be fixed soon
P2 - usually known, wanted feature, already requested by more users
P3 - would be very nice to have
P4 - others ideas

Priority Feature description Issues Status
P1 Native Packages for Ubuntu in progress
P2 Add installer support for Linux/PPC 127826 Done
P2 Download page reconnect and redesign (?) 133175 Questionable
P2 Installer bootstrap w/ JRE 133178, 127678 In progress
P2 Installer support for 3rd party distros 133180 Postponed due to lack of customers' information
P2 NetBeans Installer should be able to find 64-bit Java on Windows x64 automatically 126770 Done
P3 Make Installer UI clean 121537, 131201, 107258, 127662, 133842, 123577, 99927, 122777

Planned bundles:

  • All NetBeans IDE Bundles
  • Java EE 5 Tools Bundle
  • NetBeans 6.5/JDK6 Bundle
  • NetBeans 6.5/JDK5 Bundle (?)
  • NetBeans 6.5/GlassFish/MySQL Bundle (?)
  • NetBeans 6.1 with JavaFX Bundle
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