NetBeans 6.5 Documentation Plan



This plan is the umbrella plan for all Sun Information Product Group (IPG) staff members who are contributing to the NetBeans IDE 6.5 release.


The documentation focus for NetBeans IDE 6.5 will fall into these categories:

  • Early Adoption Docs - tutorials, video demos, and blogs focused on helping early adopters get started with new features. These deliverables will first appear with milestone releases and generally be updated for FCS.
  • 6.1 Adoption Docs - as 6.5 features are still maturing, much of the NetBeans docs team will work on providing deeper tutorials to address more complex user scenarios that leverage existing functionality. Areas include project shareability, database applications for the desktop and the web that make use of a variety of frameworks
  • Help - though this should take up a relatively small percentage of our cycles, we will devote some attention to topics with a focus on helping "unstick" users who are already in the process of using the IDE. Context-sensitive topics for complex dialogs and wizards will receive the most attention. Comprehensiveness is a non-goal.

Deciding What is Documented and How Thoroughly

The following are the main influences for where the Sun doc team spends its efforts:

  • Feature priority (P1/P2/P3)
  • User feedback
  • web stats, including search term frequency and doc popularity
  • "Wow" opportunities - areas we have identified where a certain type of deliverable could create its own demand (e.g. by showing people things that they would have never thought possible)


Tutorial and Screencast List See the L10N Document Delivery Table for a list of tutorials and screencasts, including older tutorials that still work for 6.5 (or which will be updated for 6.5)

Sub Doc Plans The links below go over the approach to the corresponding sections of docs in a bit more detail:

Doc Milestones

Doc milestones are set against the overall release milestones that are shown in the schedule at NB65EngineeringPlan#section-NB65EngineeringPlan-ScheduleTentative

Note that the dates in this table will change if the milestones that they are tied to (e.g. beta 1 release) change.
Milestone Estimated Date Actual Date Notes
Staging Server Available Oct 1, 2008
Code Freeze Oct 13, 2008
RC1 Oct. 21, 2008
FCS Web Content Due Oct. 27, 2008 Web Docs 100% complete for L10N
FCS pushed live Nov 18, 2008 Sanity check after push
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