VOC from NetBeans 6.5 CA survey

The page summarizes the follow up for issues mentioned on CA survey, see the detailed report

Issue Comments Who reported the issue Responsible engineer for feedback/Manager Outcome
buggy GlassFish v3 support Quality is pretty bad overall, just too many null exceptions everywhere. Also the GlasFish v3 service is just to buggy to use. bluesturbo Vince Kraamer No response
Ruby development is not keyboard centric I can't really tell the difference in the ruby development. The new test runner is nicer, but some thought needs to be put into how it fits inside a programming flow. I couldn't use it without reverting to the mouse. That is really annoying. cowboyd Petr Jiricka Reported Issue 155312 fro missing navigation test cases, most of shortcuts are available.
slow debugger, debugging sometimes consumes a lot oplf CPU * See also http://www.nabble.com/6.5-RC1-%3A-Why-Is-The-Debugger-So-Incredibly-Slow--td20175653.html * However on a couple of occasions during debugging I have seen the CPU usage go very heigh I would like to see this addressed soon. * Debugging with multiple threads is still not what it should be. * The debugger should be more stable and eye candy * willfarnaby * chronosmark * initialzero * rajivderas Martin Entlicher/Tomas Pavek No response
slow Spring support * Spring support is a little slow but very usable. * Better integration with spring (faster and more intelligent completion. masvacaquecarnero Jayashri Visvanathan/Vadiraj Deshpande Reported Issue 129027
startup * NB 6.5 still takes some time to initialize right after it is launched. * Startup time seems worse for 6.5 * Focus on startup speed * I'd improve the start up time when there are OPEN projects. * dheffelfinger * gholmer * seko77 * mvaar Tomas Pavek No response
annoying background processing * I have often found NetBeans performance (due to various forms of "background" processing ...) to be terrible. * Get rid of the continual scans and reindexing that happens when the IDE starts up. After the very initial scan, it should be up to the user to tell the IDE to refresh the project if he knows that something has changed on the classpath outside of the project. * willfarnaby * wobster Tomas Pavek IZ 133943, IZ 133796, some more info here
slowdown + high memory usage after hours * At one point, my computer slowed dramatically; there was lots of disk usages. At the same time, the heap size within NetBeans 6.5 started growing dramatically. Normally it's about 100/120 but it kept growing rapidly. I finally quit after it got to 380/440. * It still slows down after a few hours of use, particularly if you are doing lots of project configuration changes. * Memory consumption is still high, especially over longer periods of time (such as running NetBeans for several days without restarting). This applies to C++ development. * emurmur * colinwsbc * ziakjan Tomas Pavek ask Leonid for help, the issues are mainly about C++
editor still slower than Eclipse * NetBeans still feels noticably slower than Eclipse. This is the main complaint I hear among my collegues when they try NetBeans. I feel that especially the UI / Editor performance needs to be improved. * malakim Tomas Pavek No response
never ending re-parsing of long C files I am forced to work with very large files that take a long time to parse, and it would therefore be nice but not necessary if there were an option in the future to provide a longer delay before the IDE begins to reparse a file/project due to editing. Right now I simply edit exceptionally large C files in gvim. sreque Leonid Lenyashin The problem is tracked in Issue 152213 with all required info. Probably, resolved in M2.
slow Go to File * Performance is better. Hopefully the first patch and 7.0 release will improve performance when performing go to file. * Focus on Go To Type / File Performance * Fast and correct support of reg exp in "Go to file" dialog * Focus on performance improvements (faster file search etc.). Probably, users are talking about Issue 122639 * dafreels * malakim * alastor8472 * piastucki Tomas Zezula/David Strupl The performance problem is tracked in Issue 122639
usability of Output Window * Output console needs an major overhaul. At least it needs something like close all tabs or so, but something similar to Eclipse would be perfect (lock scrolling and so forth). * Improve output window usability. It should use full-fledged tabs and I should be able to dismiss those tabs I never end up using (such as the debugging output, SVN output, etc). 99% of the time I am looking for the application output window and nothing else. It bugs me when these other tabs grab focus. * Changing the colors and font in the output window. * Better placement of "Debugger console" windows! * hjuskewycz * gtzabari * th3pr0ph3t * aldobrucale Tomas Holy / Tonda Nebuzelsky Tomas contacts users
Go to File/Type/Implementation * Focus on Goto implementation * Focus on Go To Implementation * Focus on Navigate: Go To Implementation. * cezariusz * piero * dafreels Tomas Zezula / David Strupl Module available on Update center
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