Serious bugs reported through Community Acceptance survey for NetBeans 6.5

Evaluation of all bugs pointed out by community during NetBeans 6.5 CA survey:

Bug number Description Evaluation
Issue 141921 The bug is reproducible in some cases when the application is debugged/deployed to Tomcat and Compile on Save (CoS) is enabled. The workaround is to turn off the CoS. The bug is already fixed in trunk but more testing must be done. The fix will be delivered in NetBeans 6.5 Patch 1
Issue 137533 P2 - Quick Search - first typed letter is selected The issue will be resolved in Patch 1
Issue 132642 P3 - Clean/Build toolbar icons are confusing, inconsistent The issue is about inconsistency in toolbar and it's not considered as stopper for the release.
Issue 151134 P3 - NPE at org.openide.text.CloneableEditorSupport$StrongRef.access$1000 The exception is thrown when user clicks on node in Debug window. The bug is fixed in trunk already and will be delivered in Patch 1.
Issue 151672 P3 - find-next (f3) does not work after find (ctrl-f) Evaluated as a candidate for Patch 1
Issue 151643 P3 - 'Quick Search' looses first typed letter on Mac OS Duplicate of Issue 137533
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