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ID Doc Prio Target Owner Comp. Status Short summary
126874 (doc) P1 6.1 jrojcek db RESOLVED Create new top-level Databases menu item for NetBeans
123125 P1 6.1 dsimonek platform VERIFIED Add Options panel for SWITCH OFF new visual effects
123128 P1 6.1 tor ruby RESOLVED Update Ruby support to JRuby 1.1 and new versions of other runtimes
122918 P1 6.1 petertliu websvc VERIFIED RESTful Web Services Features for NetBeans 6.1
122920 P1 6.1 nnguyen websvc VERIFIED Switch to Jersey version 0.6
122919 P1 6.1M1 nnguyen websvc VERIFIED Switch to Jersey version 0.5
90907 (doc) P1 6.1M2 beans beans RESOLVED Bring back 5.5 BeanPatterns
124808 (doc) P1 6.1M2 kharezlak mobility NEW New Samples with Data Binding Custom Components
123437 P1 6.1M2 - php VERIFIED Code Completion
123477 (doc) P1 6.1M2 akorostelev php RESOLVED Debugger UI improvements
123478 (doc) P1 6.1M2 akorostelev php RESOLVED Web&PHP runtimes integration
123724 (doc) P1 6.1M2 akorostelev php RESOLVED Web servers runtime integration
123766 P1 6.1M2 - php RESOLVED get list and documentation of built-in Php functions and constants for code completion
123110 P1 6.1M2 saubrecht platform RESOLVED Winsys DnD - Use half transparent drag image of whole window during DnD
123131 P1 6.1M2 pcw ruby RESOLVED Rails deployment to GlassFish v3
122886 P1 6.1M2 pcw serverplugins RESOLVED GlassFish v3 plugin on the update center
123352 P1 6.1M2 mfukala web RESOLVED Architecture improvements in JSP/HTML editing
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