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ID Doc Prio Target Owner Comp. Status Short summary
100758 P1 future jpokorsky refactoring NEW [[[65cat | [65cat]] Implement beans refactoring
135157 (doc) P2 future jglick autoproject STARTED Automatic project type
87684 P2 future vkvashin cnd RESOLVED Need error annotations like in Java editing (syntax error highlighting)
134109 P2 future davidvc db NEW Add support for creating auto-generated columns
134113 (doc) P2 future jbaker db NEW Code snippets for SQL
134213 P2 future jbaker db NEW Quick view of table info
134214 P2 future jbaker db NEW Quick view of column info
72080 P2 future kaktus junit NEW Would be nice to have a way to run one testXXX method
127394 P2 future dsimonek platform NEW Merging of Floating windows
123162 (doc) P3 future pbenes mobility RESOLVED New SVG UI components
123191 P5 future markdey visualweb NEW Visual Web NetBeans 6.1 Umbrella Task
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