NetBeans 6.1 Milestones Calendar

Milestone Feature
6.1M1 2008-01-14 2008-01-23 NB61Milestone1Report New & Noteworthy M1
6.1M2 2008-02-25 2008-03-03 NB61Milestone2Report New & Noteworthy M2

The same set of Target Milestones were created in NetBeans Issuezilla, e.g. 6.1M1. Developer should mark their issues which they plan to be completed at a certain milestone using this field.

Critical Release Dates

  • Jan 29 - NB 6.1 *Milestone 1 Release*
  • Feb 25 - NB 6.1 *Feature Freeze*
  • Mar 05 - NB 6.1 *Milestone 2 Release*
  • Mar 17 - NB 6.1 *UI Freeze*
  • Mar 31 - NB 6.1 *Code Freeze*
  • Apr 07 - NB 6.1 *RC 1 Release*
  • Apr 23 - NB 6.1 *Final Release*
  • Jun 04 - NB 6.1 *Multi-Lingual Release*

Working Release schedule for NetBeans 6.1

Milestone/Task Planned Expected Actual Notes
Milestone 1 Feature Freeze Jan/14 Jan/14 Jan/14 Stabilization week started
Milestone 1 testing Jan/25 Jan/25 Jan/25 Jan/25
Release61-m1 branch created Jan/21 Jan/21 Jan/21 Only Milestone stoppers are fixed in the branch
M1 Build ready Jan/28 Jan/28 Jan/28 Build available in the morning Prague time
M1 Sanity (Go/NoGo) testing Jan/28 Jan/28 Jan/28 Appropriate QE managers should fill Go/No Go report before Jan/22 COB
M1 Release and announcement on nbusers Mon, Jan 28 Jan/28 Jan/28
CVS to Mercurial switch Tue, Jan 26 - 28 Jan/28 Jan/28 Complete
M2/Beta Feature freeze Feb/25 Feb/25 Feb/25 Stabilization week started, 8am UTC
M2/Beta cut-off date Feb/28 Feb/28 Feb/28 P2s reported after this date are not counted into Quality Criteria for M2/Beta
QE testing completed Feb/29 Feb/29 Mar/3 Appropriate QE managers should fill report before Feb/29 COB
release61-m2 clone created by BE Mar/3 Mar/3 Mar/4 Only Milestone stoppers would be fixed in this clone.
Beta branding integrated Mar/3 Mar/3 Mar/3 See the branding checklist
Build from the milestone clone is ready for testing Mar/3 Mar/3 Mar/4 The build should be available afternoon Prague time.
Bits are staged on internal staging site which is ready for review (both content and download page) Mar/3 Mar/3 Mar/5 Afternoon Prague time.
Sanity testing by QE Mar/4 Mar/5 Mar/5 Final Go/No Go
Release and announcement on nbusers Mar/5 Mar/5 Mar/6
UI and Message Freeze Mar/17 Mar 17 All new UI, layout, message changes must be reported to Docs and I18N teams.
I18N product list/kit internal Mar/26 UI Freeze + 7 days
Draft version for review
RC Staging server made ready Mar/31
Installer i18n complete Mar/31 dates needs to be confirmed
6.1 cut-off date - [Opened P2s http://www.netbeans.org/issues/buglist.cgi?issue_id=119985,129685,129928,130618,131125,118038,119617,129430,130927,131174,130245,131068,123067,125694,126041,127481,129561,129896,130021,130564,130683,130685,130745,131030,131089,131106,123636,131008,131112,131177,106162,128931,129045,129049,129725,131063,120912,128819,129910,131107,131116,125012,131217,124926,128256,128263,128483,128782,130568,131208,108973,124230,126108,126927,126932,128823,129414,129491,129492,129563,130061,130777,131114,89632,98945,99834,112664,120742,121415,131132,83321,128678,129434,131115,62919,100641,117464,121809,129931,130811,

] | Mar/26 COB PST | | | P2s reported after this date are not counted into Quality Criteria|

6.1 Code Freeze Mar/31 8:00 AM Prague time *6.1 Code Freeze*
Quality Criteria is met. release61 clone created by RE, HR starts - rules
Release61 branch is created Mar/31
6.1 High Resistance Starts Mar/31 Only stoppers are fixed in the Release61 branch
TOI training preparation starts Apr/1 Development, QE
I18N product list/kit complete Apr/2 Draft date + 5 days
RC content due on staging Apr/2
installer kit complete Apr/3 Installer i18n complete + 3 days
Date needs to be confirmed
RC testing Apr/1 - Apr/4
ML installers exist and are accurate Apr/7 Expected to be complete close to RC build ready date
Date needs to be confirmed.
RC Build Ready Apr/7
RC Sanity (Go/NoGo) testing Apr/7
RC1 Go/NoGo Apr/7 Email from Petr B., test report
RC1 Release and announcement on nbusers Apr/7 Go/NoGo Email from Petr B.
Online Help docs complete for translation Apr/7
staging server made rady for the FCS Apr/08
All final web content due Apr/11
Web docs complete for translation Apr/11
Web docs l10n kit complete Apr/11
Product i18n complete Apr/14 Code Freeze + 10 days
RC_final is produced Apr/14
Download web page i18n complete Apr/14 should align with main release.
dates need to be confirmed
RC content due on staging Apr/2
RC_final Testing Apr/7 - Apr/21
TOI training delivered Apr/14 Development, QE
Staging of bits Apr/15
FCS final content due on staging Apr/15
Staging site review, Sanity check on the staged web site, fixing issues Apr/16 - Apr/22
Go/NoGo Apr/21 Email from Petr B.
Web team pushes NB 6.1 FCS live April/23
NB Modules on ML update centers May/28 One week before ML release
Date needs to be confirmed
stable uc kit for 6.1 complete May/28 One week before ML release
Date needs to be confirmed
Community installers for 6.1 May/28 One week before ML release
Date needs to be confirmed
6.1 ML release Jun/30 30 working days from En FCS

The Roadmap should list longer term plans.

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