NetBeans 6.1 M1 Report

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Stabilization Jan 14th-22th
Released Jan 29th

What's New and Noteworthy

M1 contains new features you might find interesting. In brief following features were added and tested in M1:

  • The plugin for Mercurial versioning system
  • Plugin Manager allows to run download&install plugins in background, task progress is notified in the status line
  • SialFin V1 server integration
  • WebSphere 6.0 & 6.1 support
  • Accordion, Bubble help and Popup Menu components are available in JSF pallet.
  • Check full list of new M1 features for complete picture of what's new in M1.

M2 will be stablized on Feb 25th and released around March 3rd.

Quality status

M1 has no serious issues users should be aware of when downloading it.

Note for CND users: New features like attaching to process and viewing threads required some rather significant rework of gdb support which is still under development. New features will be stabilized by M2. CodeModel, CodeNavigation and other not-debugging-related stuff have been improved though.

Stoppers fixed

  • 123073 - moving a class diagram and its classes don't move the associ
  • 125507 - Depot application not runnable due to obsolete 'require_gem'
  • 125604 - Tree not rendered correctly in designer
  • 125660 - HTML code folding is missing at HTML code
  • 125831 - Netbeans Mac OS installer can't be downloaded

Bug counts

  • 873 bugs RESOLVED
  • 519 of them were FIXED
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