NB61 Late UI Changes

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Change Justification Issuezilla Issue Doc Approved Expected Integration Actual Integration
Add dialog that is raised if dbschema Recapture Schema can't find the connection it needs Recapture Schema is basically broken if the connection can't be found. A number of users have complained about this 104259 OK 6.1 Mar 28 2008
Add menu item in Services window to SunAS 9.x and Glassfish Vx server nodes to connect to Glassfish Update Center. Only applies to server versions that support update center. Glassfish 8.x and v1 not affected Allows user to easily update and configure server installation 129589 OK 6.1 11/03
Add new one menu item Check for update in Help menu. If a user invoke that action and opens Update Wizard. Wizard reload content of Update Centers and find out possible updates. If any then the wizard download&install them. The user doesn't want to know where check out IDE updates (even if it's via the plugin manager). Rather, s/he's task-oriented ("I want to update my copy of NetBeans"). There should be an obvious path to the update center from the menus. 129186 OK 6.1 18/03
Split first web/j2ee wizard panel into two (ProjectLocation and ServerSettings) and get rid of current Sharability panel. Second panel is mandatory and user cannot finish wizard on first panel. It was communicated this feature will be implemented day or two after UI freeze 129902 OK 6.1 18/04
Balloon tooltip at bottom-right corner of the IDE announcing available updates now automatically disappears after 30 seconds. User were complaining the balloon was too intrusive. 125119 OK 6.1 18/03
Two additional fields (a label and spinner) on the last page of the Add Server wizard, when someone is creating a personal domain against the sailfin platform. This allows the user to control the ports that are used for SIP and secure SIP. creating multiple sailfin domains would be very difficult without this UI change [130564

http://www.netbeans.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=130564] | OK | 6.1 |

Loading... shown When loading of editor is slow 130171 OK 6.1 Mar 18, 2008
Move the warning about ejb-jar.xml to the second panel in the Refactoring dialog. Currently when refactoring a class in an EJB module that has an ejb-jar.xml file, a warning about changes not being propagated to the file is shown on the first panel. This means that it is unnecessary displayed when not performing a safe delete. 129684 OK 6.1 March 27
Add options panel for window system effects like DnD drag image, window snapping and floating window transparency. Added panel is under Tools/Options -> Miscellaneous -> Appearance. Options were requested by IDE users in IZ and in blogs. On slower computers drag image slows DnD performance, so there is a desire to turn in off. Similarly, window snapping can fight with OS specific window snapping and is better turned off for some users. Transparency of floating windows is useful on one monitor, but on dual monitor users have a lot of space and they don't need to see through floating windows, so some users requested switch to turn it off. See discussion and links in IZ issue. 123125  ? 6.1 March 21
Add small notification to Java EE project properties Run tab (when needed of course) about the server library creation. Sharable projects can use the library instead of the server for compilation. This type of library is usually created when creating the project and it occupies several MB. When user is changing the server from project properties the new library will be created for him (if it does not exist yet). We should warn him about this new library because the size of the project can increase significantly. 130955 OK 6.1 March 24
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