Localization Schedule For NB 6.1

Software Milestones

Date Base Milestone L10n Milestone UNIT Status Notes
25 Feb Feature Freeze Evaluate product DONE
17 Mar UI Freeze DONE New UI, layout, message updates
24 Mar 1st Handoff OLH to L10n Evaluate l10nkits DONE
31 Mar Code Freeze, High Resistance Installer is i18n ready. L10nkits are complete. Start UI/msg translation. UI/MSG DONE
2 Apr L10nkits complete DONE
3 Apr Installer l10nkit complete DONE
4 Apr Complete l10nkit evaluation DONE
7 Apr RC1 English ML Installers available DONE with gfv2u1
7 Apr Refreshed l10nkit DONE UI/messages are highest priority. Might have to delay help translation 2 weeks because TM needs cleanup.
10 Apr Pre-processing of L10nkits completed UI/MSG DONE Masaki makes available to GC engineers and WS PM
14 Apr Web download page is i18n ready DONE
ML Builds available DONE
17 Apr OLH preprocessing completed OLH DONE Keiichi prepared
28 Apr FCS English Webdocs kit ready DONE Docs kit not ready for l10n
7 May Update/Translate image files, shortcut, download .js Other SW DONE
13 May Refresh l10nkits UI/MSG DONE Update translations of UI/msg
19 May Webdocs kits complete Start translations WEBDOCS DONE
28 May Stable UC l10nkit complete Translate UC Not yet started
30 May ML FCS build completed Test FCS DONE Last build to integrate OLH
2-3 Jun ML FCS testing FCS DONE
2-3 Jun ML FCS Go/No Go FCS DONE
4 Jun FCS Multilingual GO LIVE + Release & Product Docs DONE ja, zhCN, ptBR
4 Jun Community builds available DONE TBD if necessary
16 Jun Start Patch 1+2 Translation DONE Patch 1
26 Jun Patch 1+2 Translation Integration DONE QA
27 Jun nbm build DONE QA
27-30 Jun Patch 1+2 staging and testing DONE QA
2 Jul Patch 1+2 go live DONE QA
27 Jun Go Live FINAL batch ML Webdocs DONE
21 Jul NB ML Starter Kit released DVD DONE


Date Base Milestone L10n Milestone UNIT Status Notes
30 Jun Start UC Scoping and Translation DONE
14 July Finish and integrate UC translations DONE
14-18 July L10n UC testing DONE
ML UC released UC DONE
21 Jul UC l10n staging DONE


Date Base Milestone L10n Milestone UNIT Status Notes
23 July BlueJ kits available for translation DONE
1 Aug BlueJ translations and LR/TR completed all languages DONE
4 Aug BlueJ build DONE
5 Aug BlueJ build respin DONE
7 Aug BlueJ build respin DONE
11 Aug BlueJ GO DONE

Patch 3

Date Base Milestone L10n Milestone UNIT Status Notes
7 Aug NetBeans 6.1 Patch3 code freeze DONE__
11 Aug Start Patch 3 Translation DONE__
29 Aug Patch 3 Translation integration DONE QA
29 Aug-1 Sept Patch 3 staging and testing DONE QA
2 Sept NetBeans 6.1 Patch3 Go/NOGo status
Sept NetBeans 6.1 Patch3 release on Stable UC

Documentation Milestones

Milestone Activity ja zh pt ru
29 Apr Webdocs l10nkit complete
19 May __Start translation Release docs 4 june 4 june 4 june 4 june
19 May __Start translation Product Pages 4 june 13 june 4 june 4 june
__Start translation Tutorials 3 july partial 13 june 23 june 27 june
Start translation P3 docs

Translation Schedule

  • msg/msghtml
  • olh
  • docs
Content Lang Handoff T9n Due LR Due TR Due Final Notes
msg/msghtml 1 ja 4/10
msg/msghtml 1 zh_CN 4/10
msg/msghtml 1 pt_BR SUN 4/10 4/28
msg/msghtml 1 pt_BR COMMUNITY
msg/msghtml 1 Other Languages COMMUNITY
OLH 1 ja
OLH 1 zh_CN
OLH 1 pt_BR SUN 4/28 5/22
msg/msghtml 2 ja
msg/msghtml 2 zh_CN
msg/msghtml 2 pt_BR SUN
msg/msghtml 2 pt_BR COMMUNITY
msg/msghtml 2 Other Languages COMMUNITY
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