NetBeans 6.1 L10N Platform Engineering Process (for Community Language)



There are big two changes in engineering process at NetBeans 6.1 releases:


New versioning system of netbeans.org. Our home repository is : http://hg.netbeans.org/release61/l10n. You can get our files by

% hg clone http://hg.netbeans.org/release61/l10n

l10n-kit structure

The structure of l10n-kit has been also changed dynamically. We now use the same(almost) structure of nbm/jar files. Please check the detail in NB6.1MLPlan

  • The top directory is based on cluster name, the 2nd directory is based on nbm name
  • All .properties files are generated from nbm/jar files, which means most comment lines are removed. Only #NOI18N comment are there.


l10n-kit ( 200805210103) - NetBeans Platform

Module list file
NetBeans Platform list nb61-platform-msg.zip

How to localize

Please refer the documents.

  1. Prepare TMX for OmegaT
  2. Pick up l10n-kit and unzip to source directory of OmegaT project
  3. Localize on OmegaT
  4. Generate output files
  5. Zip files and send it to dev@translatedfiles.netbeans.org.

How to integrate

Please send zip file to dev@translatedfiles.netbeans.org. Or if you already have an account of hg and want to integrate by yourself, please follow the instruction of

and use release61/l10n repository.

daily builds

will be prepared.

If you want to localize them locally, please follow the step of How to build localized NetBeans 6.1 for your language

status and validation page

Please inform your language to dev@translatedfiles.netbeans.org. I'll prepare them.

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