NetBeans 6.1 Localization Project Plan

  • Sun Project ID: 15837


General Overview of 6.1 Features

  • NetBeans 6.1 is a update release that addresses customer feedback in the areas of quality, feature regressions and performance. Additionally, there will be some support for SAMP stack, GFv3 (update center), JCAPS, SunStudio, PHP, and JavaScript. For details, see:


Language and Content Scope


P1 High Priority: Must translate by FCS if Sun funded
P2 High Priority: Must translate if Sun funded; FCS and up to 2 weeks after
P3 Medium Priority: Must translate if Sun funded within 30 days of FCS
P4 Low Priority: Translate by community or by Sun if funds available.
S Sun contributed
C Community contributed

Languages P ja zh_CN pt_BR zh_TW de es fr it pl ru sq sv
UI/msgs 1 S S S/C tbd C C C C C C C C
Help 1 S S S
Web Documentation
Index pages 1 S S S S
Product Pages (Features) 1 S S S
Release Pages (Release Notes, Installation) 1 S S S
Tutorials 2 S S S S
Learning Paths (tutorial index pages) 2 S S S S
Using NetBeans IDE 3 S S S
Other Docs
Demos 4 tbd tbd tbd


  • Screenshots: optional (see Keiichi's email proposal)
  • Rename .url files (Example:

http://www.netbeans.org/community/releases/60/index.html to http://www.netbeans.org/community/releases/60/index_zh_CN.html)

Product Scope

NetBeans Product

  • IDE/Profiler
  • Mobility
  • SOA
  • UML
  • Ruby
  • WebEE
  • CND
  • PHP
  • Installer


  • Blueprints (from Java EE team) - move to UC?
  • Woodstock design time testing
  • Stable Update Center - add link
  • NetBeans Starter Kit (DVD)
  • Distros and Co-Bundles
  • NB/Java SE bundles - ML starts after NB 6.1 ML released
  • Others TBD:
  • NB/Java EE
  • GF: GFv2u1 ML (with NB6.1 EN) or GFv2u2 EN (with NB6.1 EN) or GFv2u2 ML (with NB6.1 ML)
  • NB (JavaSE, Ruby, Web, JavaEE) + GF (V2 UR2) + MySQL (CS5.0, JDBC driver 5.1.6)?
  • Patches - regular, proactive, every 5 weeks

Out of Scope

  • i18n testing
  • Demos (flash)
  • Code samples
  • Persistence standalone
  • Beta UC, 3rd party UC
  • Promo materials
  • Technical papers and one-pagers
  • Beta program
  • netbeans.org, in general
  • Screenshots in Help (only icons)

Release Vehicles

  • Bits release on netbeans.org, zh-CN.nb.org, China server
  • NB ML Starter Kit DVD
  • Localized docs on netbeans.org, developer.sun.ru, zh-CN.nb.org
  • Other distros (JDK, Java EE bundles)


  • Build Engineering Support
  • Phase before GA
  • daily ML builds available internally, twice a week builds pushed live on website
  • support community locales (list of locales TBD later)
  • build L10N kits
  • Phase after ML GA
  • 2 builds per week of community supported locales, published on website


Supported Platforms

Full test in ITALIC.

Platform Java SE Browsers
Solaris 11 SPARC x64 6.0U3, 7.0 FF2.0
Solaris 10 SPARC x64 6.0U3, 7.0 FF2.0
Ubuntu 7.x x86 IcedTea on U7.10, 6.0U3, 7.0 FF2.0
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 x86 6.0U3, 7.0 FF2.0
Windows XP Professional SP2 x86 6.0U3, 7.0 IE6, FF2.0
Windows Vista Business x86 6.0U3, 7.0 IE7
Mac OS 10.5 PPC 5.0_13, 6.0_01 Safari
Mac OS 10.5 Intel 5.0_13, 6.0_01 Sarari
Mac OS 10.4.9 PPC 5.0_13, 6.0_01 Safari

Application Server

Full test AS 9.1 UR PE (Glassfish v2UR)(J2EE 1.4 + Java EE 5) Tomcat 6.0 (Java EE5 + persistence in web, JAX-WS)
Acceptance AS 8.2 PE (J2EE 1.4 + persistence in ejb, web projects, JAX-WS), Glassfish v3, WebSphere 6.1 JBoss 4.2 (JavaEE5)
Sanity WebSphere 6 (J2EE 1.4), WebLogic 10 (J2EE 1.4, JavaEE5) Tomcat 5.5, JBoss 5.0 (J2EE 1.4),


Full test JavaDB 10, Postgres SQL 8.2
Acceptance DB2 9.0, Oracle 10g, MySQL 5.0


Full test CVS 1.12, Subversion 1.4, Mercurial 0.9.5, Rational ClearCase V7.0
Sanity CVS 1.11, MS VSS 6.0


Category Risk Description Probability Impact Exposure Trigger Risk Mitigation Contingency Owner
Schedule, Quality Software (UI, Messages or Help) changes or updates after code freeze, patches 0.7 0.4 0.28 Bug fix integrations or sw changes after code freeze Make development and QA aware in pteam meetings, risk table and emails. Monitor bugs and announcements. Don't translate or move out l10n FCS date.
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