Who Does What for NetBeans IDE 6.8 Docs

This page lists functional areas and their owners for the NetBeans IDE 6.7 release, who are staff members of the NetBeans documentation team.


Technology Areas and Their Owners

Note that this information is intended for planning purposes only and is subject to change.

Functionality/Technology Owner Location in Learning Trails Efforts level and Notes
Release docs (RNs and Installation) Brad community/releases/68/ Active development
JavaEE (EJB and Persistence) Ken trails/java-ee.html Active development related to JavaEE6 support
Java Web Jeff/Troy trails/web.html Moderate revisions related to JavaEE6 support
JavaScript and Ajax Troy trails/web.html Moderate revisions
Web frameworks Jeff/Troy trails/web.html Active development related to JavaEE6 support
Web services and SaaS Jeff trails/java-ee.html Active development related to JavaEE6 support
Connected IDE (Kenai integration) Ken trails/tools.html Active development, new features
Continuous integration Ken trails/tools.html Active development, new feature
Maven Ken trails/java-se.html Active development, new features
Embedded Browser Geertjian TBD Active development, new feature
PHP Jeff trails/php.html Active development, new features
C/C++ Susan trails/cnd.html Active development, new features
Platform Geertjian trails/platform.html Moderate revision
JavaSE Irina trails/java-se.html Moderate revision
Java GUI Irina trails/matisse.html Moderate revision
Ruby Brad trails/ruby.html Light revision
Testing, debugging, profiling Ken TBD, trails/java-se.html Light revision
JavaME Brad trails/mobility.html Light revision
Hibernate support Ken n/a Light revision
Version control systems Troy trails/tools.html Light revision
Databases Irina trails/tools.html Light revision
Groovy Geertjian trails/ruby.html Light revision
Python Brad trails/ruby.html Light revision

End-to-End Cross-Functional Tutorials

Name/Technologies Owner Notes
E-commerce app using Java-based technologies (Servlet and JSP technologies) and tools (MySQL, NetBeans GlassFish) Troy

NetBeans Guides

Name/Technologies Owner Notes
NetBeans Tools Reference Guide Brad/Geertjian Guide used as a tools reference in Sun courses
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