NetBeans L10N Proposal

L10N Kits

L10N kits will be based on the already built NetBeans binary, exactly on NBMs. This means that the sources won't be any longer required to create L10N kit.

Structure of the L10N Kit

L10N kit will be divided by clusters So it will look like:


Translated files repository

new repository called l10n (the name is shorter to prevent problems with long paths on windows) was created under the http://hg.netbeans.org/main repository so its full URL is http://hg.netbeans.org/main/l10n.

Organization of translations

all translated files will be under the main/l10n repository. The structure of the files will map the L10N kit. The languages will be divided into separate trees.

Translated content for files which are not in the NB binary and comes directly from HG repository would go to l10n/src/{language}/other

So it will look like:




(The src prefix is probably unnecessary. And I do not recommend including numbers like 8 in cluster names, as they change every release. -jglick
Moreover modules move from cluster to cluster, from beta UC to stable and so forth. Some modules are not in any particular cluster - so they all would live in 'extra'?

Handling files which are not in build but still need to be translated

There are sever files which need to be translated but are not in the netbeans binary such files from installer, nbi,... modules. Those file needs to be zipped to separate zip file.

The ML Build

Because of new structure of the translated files under the tfiles repository, it will be self-contained and no other repositories will be required to create ML build.

The output of the build

  • clusters zip file
  • ML NBMs each of each language
  • editions zip files

Possible issues

  • Long paths on Windows
 (I do not expect this to be a problem. -jglick
Anyway we should be carefull about that. For now there is a bunch of Bundle.properties files which path length is already about 140 chars. Prepending it with the jar name, cluster name and other stuff and appending with locale suffix could give those critical 206 chars - dlipin)


How to build ML NetBeans

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