This documents contains a list of issue, which can be fixed in an update of NetBeans 5.5.

Issues with the 5.5.1_candidate status whiteboard

Fixes for NetBeans 5.5.1 defining features (e.g. AS 9.1 support)

Issue Status for NB 6 Status for NB 5.5.1
87380 - port detector doesn't work with GF V2 fixed in trunk M4
other issues that prevent NB 5.5 from working with GF V2 issues to be evaluated on a case by case basis
89969 - Support for JBoss Application Server 5.0
90481 - ClassNotFound running simple app client fix available
90221 - cannot register current V2 domains fix available
91048 - Server startup detection fails fix available

Other high priority fixes

Issue Status for NB 6 Status for NB 5.5.1
87924 - JSF API Version in 5.5 Just update of JSF 1.1 library
86691 - Call EJB & similar actions does not add entry to DD Already fixed in trunk (M4)
77122 - Http connector issues under multithreaded access risky, high impact bug that was deferred in 5.5
86635 - StackOverflowError when trying to open a file in web freeform project fix in trunk M5
59055 - Refactoring messed up my code fix in trunk M4
86461 - JBoss 4 integration does not work fixed in trunk M5
89151 - exception trown while I try to add to server list a JBoss Server in progress (this is the JBoss 4.0.5 issue)
90031 - JSF pages from entities generates invalid code patch provided
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