More formal accuracy definition

Accuracy = Lexis + Syntax + Semantics

From point of view of user


Recognition of identifiers, keywords, etc.


Recognition of constructions

  • Expressions
  • Cast expressions
  • Shift expressions
  • etc.
  • Statements
  • Labeled statements
  • Expression statements
  • Compound statements
  • Selection statements
  • Iteration statements
  • Jump statements
  • Declaration statements
  • Try blocks
  • Declarations
  • Block declarations
  • Asm definitions
  • Namespace alias definitions
  • Using declarations
  • Using directives
  • Alias declarations
  • etc.
  • Function definitions
  • Template declarations
  • Explicit instantiations
  • Explicit specializations
  • Linkage specifications
  • Namespace definitions
  • Classes
  • Head
  • Name
  • Body
  • Member declarations
  • Access specifiers
  • etc.
  • Templates
  • Template declarations
  • Name
  • Parameter lists
  • etc.
  • Template explicit instantiations
  • Template explicit specializations

Semantics from point of view of user

Right references from identifiers and operators to their declarations (hyperlink) (and vice versa (find usages))

Right references from declarations to their definitions (hyperlink) (and vice versa (find usages))

From point of view of compiler


Recognition of tokens


Correct AST


Correct annotated AST

Annotation should contain enough information for execution


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