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Looking to extend NetBeans to support your favorite technology? Start here to see if your idea's already under consideration. If the project's looking for an owner, step up. If the project's started, join. if you don't see your project, add it to the list.

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Priority Module Description NetBeans Sponsor Target Partner Company Community Contributor Status
1 Ruby
1 Groovy Trung Tran In progress. To-Dos listed on Project Coyote home page.
1 JavaScript Nicolas Désy In progress. Project home page
1 Spring support Craig MacKay Currently being developed on sourceforge (just started).
1 PHP Zend?
Tapestry support Petr Pisl Under development on (just started).
iBatis support
1 Jasper Reports support and integration with iReport Designer Geertjan Wielenga Toni Epple In progress on We also document how to manually work with JasperReports and NetBeans.
2 TestNG
XDoclet support Project started on sourceforge.
2 Hibernate support (non-annotation based) In progress. .. and all other JBoss "extras" beyond standard EE 5 stuff. Another project is here:
Facelets support Petr Pisl Under development, see Facelets Support
Geronimo server plugin Jacek Laskowski Under development, see GERONIMODEVTOOLS-131
Oracle server plugin Oracle
JOnAS server plugin Stepan Herold Under development, see the JOnbAS project
OneJar support for J2SE Application projects
Apache Pluto Portlet support Matthew Ryan
Wicket support Petr Pisl In progress, project created at
2 JBoss SEAM Brian Leonard / Viet Pham JBoss When creating a web module, add an option to choose JBoss' Seam framework. The basic requirements are spelled out in Brian's blog.
Integration with Apache Continuum, Cruise Control, Luntbuild, Anthill and other continuous integration servers Milos Kleint has done some experimental support for continuum as part of the mevenide project, currently on hold as the released version of continuum has non-sufficient XML-RPC interface.
Support for SVG embedded in HTML/JSP Petr Pisl
2 Tiles support
Struts Yes, we already have it, but we're behind the industry leaders (NitroX)
2 RIFE Seems to be gaining some traction.
JAXX Is brand new. The author (Ethan Nicholas) recently joined Sun (from Yahoo). Getting basic support is achievable within the standard NetBeans IDE today.
jMatter Is brand new. Claims to offer Ruby on Rails productivity for developers building Swing applications. Has gotten some attention, but community is still microscopically small.
2 GWT In progress. See gwt4nb project for details.
Acegi Security
Blu-Ray A plug-in to the mobility pack that will support authoring for Blu-Ray content. Matt Volpi Sonic
DoJa A plug-in to the mobility pack that will support DoJa authoring (the NTT DoCoMo version of MIDP). Matt Volpi
Perforce Better support for Perforce versioning system (aka current CVS or SVN) Perforce Aurelian Tutuianu In progress. PerforceNB home page.
Shale Support for this nextgen framework Sun
Jetty Support for this web server
Resin Support for this lightweight app server
Hessian Support for this light weight cross platform and cross language web service/serialization technology.
Rome Support for processing RSS feeds with Rome
jMaki and Dynafaces jMaki and DynaFaces support Ludovic Champenois
DWR DWR support. Ludovic Champenois Plugin is a sub project under
Phobos Phobos project type and runtime support. Ludovic Champenois
JSON JSON support
Scala Scala support I have a very basic implementation of ant-based project type (short description). If you are interested in the development of the plugin please let me(Martin Krauskopf) know.
Jasmin Jasmin support I'm working on the plugin from time to time. Having simple syntax highlighting using Lexer API (need much more work) and template wizard for creating Jasmin classes. Please let me(Martin Krauskopf) know if you are interested in it.
FindBugs FindBugs support Sven Reimers A working prototype has been implemented. It can be downloaded from here via updatecenter. Short documentation can be found here. The project is currently undergoing a major overhaul. The successor is currently developed at SQE
SQE Enhance Code Quality Tool(s) Integration Sven Reimers, Florian Vogler Provide a tight integration with code quality or analysis tools as FindBugs, PMD, Checkstyle, Dependendy Finder... Work has started at SQE - prototype should be available in near future.
Javadoc Code Completion Support for code completion to javadoc
Crystal Reports
2 Undo-DB Reverse Debugging Tool for C/C++ Ankur Saha Greg Law, Julian Smith
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