Versions of Mobility Pack Visual Designer

Visual Designer is backward compatible. Changes in different versions are listed bellow. When you open "older" version in "newer" visual designer then the it will be upgraded to the new format. Warning about that appears. Upgraded file cannot be opened in older visual designer anymore.

Visual Designer Version Mobility Pack Version Changes
1.0 4.1 q-builds
1.1 since 4.1 beta Pre-/post- init-/ user-code is no longer specified with a method name (method with specified name were automatically created in the source code and user is entering the code in the Source tab). From 1.1 the user can write user-code directly in the Designer (in ActionEditor dialog together with a transition or as pre-init and post-init properties of class-based component).
1.2 since 5.0 Multi-guarded blocks were introduced and user is writing the user-code directly at the place where it is used.
1.3 since nb 5.5 (not in nb 6.0 yet) Changes in the WaitScreen and SplashScreen J2ME implementation and therefore some properties were changed.
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