Smoke Test of Mobility Pack functionality in 6.0 builds

Tested Features

Create New > Mobility Project

  • Mobile Application
  • CDC Application
  • Import Wireless Toolkit Project

Create New File

  • Visual MIDlet - file is open in editor in flow design view and new MIDlet is added to the jad
  • Game Design - file is open in editor and new MIDlet is added to the jad
  • MIDlet - file is open in editor and new MIDlet is added to the jad
  • J2ME Web Services Client - generate mobile client for a webservice e.g. WSDL
  • Mobile Client to Web Application - generate mobile client to a web application. You can use this sample application. The web application has to be deployed when the wizard finishes because it generates client and server part.

Configurations and Abilities

  • Add new configuration and change the project properties in this configuration
  • Add new ability TESTING with value "now" to this configuration
  • Create following preprocessor block
//#if TESTING="now"
  System.out.println("just testing");
   //#ifdef DefaultConfiguration
    System.out.println("in DefaultConfiguration");
    System.out.println("in non DefaultConfiguration");
  System.out.println("full run");
  • Build Selected Configurations
  • Copy and paste configurations between two projects in Project view
  • Modify/copy/add/remove abilities in Navigator view
  • Turn off preprocessor


  • generate Web Service Client
  • generate Mobile Client to Web Application
  • for a webservice client
  • for classes in web project

Game Designer

  • create new Game Design
  • create new Sprite, TiledLayer, Scene (use default images in the project)
  • create new sample project - Samples > Mobility > MIDP > Simple Game created with Game Builder
  • test that you can modify the Scene, TiledLayer, Sprites etc.

Visual Designer

  • the code generated by the visual designer must be always compilable
  • try use all the components in one design

JUnit Support

  • invoke Tools > Create JUnit tests
  • the generated code is compileable
  • when you generate tests then TestSuite midlet is added to jad

CDC Support

  • add CDC platform to IDE

CLDC Support

  • 3rd party SDKs that are UEI compliant are recognized automatically by the IDE. On windows If the SDK is registered in registers it is found by the Java Platform -> Add Java ME Platform wizard automatically.
  • SDK not following UEI can be add with the Custom Java ME Emulator Platform option



  • some operations are not supported
  • change of variables values during debugging
  • debugging doesn't work on CreMe NSICOM emulator
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