SVG Demo

  1. Create a new project, use wtk 2.5.2 as the emulator, make sure it is CLDC 1.1/MIDP 2.0, create Hello app
  2. Right click on project/Resources | Add Jar/Zip and browse to the file (attached)
  3. Switch to the editor | Flow, delete the Form
  4. ... and now, as quick as possible ;-). Drag'n'drop to the flow:
  • SVG Splash Screen
  • SVG Menu
  • SVG Wait Screen
  • 2 SVG Players
  • Alert
  1. now, add the images. Drag'n'drop following from Resources
  • splashscreen.svg to the Splash Screen
  • menu.svg to the SVG Menu
  • waitscreen.svg to the SVG Wait Screen
  • about.svg to the first SVG Player
  • halloween.svg to the second SVG Player
  • Double-click Alert to get to the Screen editor, double-click "<text not specified>" type in "Error downloading data" <Enter>.
  1. then some plumbing as well. Switch back to the Flow:
  • Connect Mobile device|Started to svgSplashScreen
  • Connect svgSplashScreen to the svgMenu
  • Connect svgMenu | menuItem_0 to svgWaitScreen
  • Connect svgMenu | menuItem_1 to svgPlayer1
  • Connect svgMenu | menuItem_2 to svgPlayer
  • Connect svgMenu | menuItem_3 to MobileDevice
  • Connect svgWaitScreen to the Alert, re-route output arrow back to the svgMenu
  • right-click on both svgPlayers | New/Add | Back command. Connect it back to the svgMenu
  • and some code - double click on the svgWaitScreen to get to the Screen editor| right-click on the task (right of the screen) | Go to source. Add Thread.sleep(3000) to simulate business logic. Flow
  1. Wow! and now, run the appplication, cool, isn't it?
  2. And now, let's add some more code. In the Flow editor, right-click on the svgMenu | Go to source. In the source code, write the following fragment to the 'post-init user code'
final SVGElement el = (SVGElement) getSvgImage1().getDocument().getElementById("dateTime");
TimerTask tt = new TimerTask() {
    public void run() {
        el.setTrait("#text", new Date().toString())
new Timer().schedule(tt, 0, 1000);

Do you see the time in the menu changing whend starting the application again?

Menu with the time changing

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