NewAndNoteworthy in Beta 1 of Mobility Pack


Designer 1 has been removed

The old version of Visual Mobile Designer has been removed from Mobility Pack. Now Mobility Pack has a new version of Designer only. Still there is possibility to open the source code of old design file.

Converter for old design files

Both Designer are using different file format. Therefore there is an action for converting an old design file to the new file format. The conversion does not cover all functionality. We would like to tests it as much as possible therefore we would like to ask you for a help with testing the conversion.

You can invoke conversion, using "Convert to new version" popup menu action on an old design file node.

Old Design File

Converter dialog let you specify a name for a converted file and guides you through the conversion.

Converter Dialog

Now you can see the converted file in the same package. Please, read conversion report carefully to finish the conversion successful. Some steps may require manual changes in the source code.

Please, let us know about any conversion problem that you experience.

Designer generates JavaDoc and editor-folds

Designer is generating a code with JavaDoc for each method. Also all generated sections are folded by default.

Generated Editor Folds

Designer Analyzer view changed

Commands and Resources analyzers has been merged together.

Analyzer View

Import of WTK and CDC Toolkit/Old CDC 5.5 projects has changed

Due to multiuser support, the new way of importing projects was implemented. Instead of using external source roots, projects are now copied including sources. This way any modifications made by a user don't affect any other user

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