Mobility JSR-172 Generator


Rewritten core

The generator was rewritten from scratch. This includes parsing of schema and wsdl file, consequent validation and Java stub generation.

Documentation generation

If the documentation is present in the WSDL then the generator generates JavaDoc documentation for web service methods.

WSDL Validation

WSDL and Schema file is validated before any generation of Java code. This prevents user to generated uncompilable code.

Data Binding Stub Generation

Stub generator could generate DataSet or IndexableDataSet implementation for complex types declared in the Schema file. These classes could be directly binded using DataBinder.registerDataSet method. Data Binding libraries are automatically registered as library when user hits the Generate button.


  • Stub generator follows JSR-172 specification and JAX-RPC specificarion thus all restrictions come from these specification definitions
  • supported types
  • all primitive types
  • complex types
  • arrays of primitive and complex types
  • JavaME is based on 1.3 version so all generics is not allowed
  • WSDL and Schema files are really restricted. Not only in case of complex but also on primitive type basis.
  • Primitive types - not allowed definitions - anyType, enums, restrictions
  • Complex types - only sequence is allowed

Reference to the JSR-172 speficication.

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