Using Mobility Pack from Zip distribution

There are zip files with Mobility Pack clusters available on the download page. You can download a zip build and unzip it to your NetBeans installation directory. Then add it to the NetBeans cluster and restart the IDE. The Mobility Pack functionality should be available after performing these steps. Please note that there isn't ANY testing provided for these zip builds. You are using them at your own risk. You should use builds of Mobility Pack and NetBeans that were built on the same date (or at least as close as possible)

NetBeans Mobility Pack (from 6.0 both CLDC+CDC)


  1. Download a NetBeans Mobility Pack IDE zip
  2. Extract the contents of the into an directory (nb_install).
  3. Start NetBeans IDE from nb_install/bin with *netbeans* command.
  4. Please note:
    1. the runtimes are not provided in the zip distributions. You have to use Tools > Java Platforms to add a SDK for the Mobility project
    2. you might need to provide --jdkhome for the path JDK if it isn't on your path

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