Netbeans Mobility - Documentation

Two major technologies supported by Mobility:

  1. Mobility Pack (for CLDC)
  2. Mobility Pack for CDC

Mobility Pack is a stable product with many successful releases (4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5 ), primarily targeted at CLDC/MIDP developers.

Project structure

Understanding the structure of Netbeans Mobility (CLDC)

mobility/cldcpack Enclosing suite for NetBeans Mobility (please read more ...)
mobility/cldcplatform Java ME / MIDP platform module
mobility/deployment Deployment modules
mobility/designer Visual Designer version 1
mobility/designer2 Visual Designer version 2
mobility/editor Editor enhancements for Java ME (device fragmentation)
mobility/end2end Mobile Client to Web Application and JSR 172 generators (please note, JSR 172 are not compiled now)
mobility/examples Mobility samples
mobility/j2meunit JME Unit integration
mobility/javahelp JavaHelp for NetBeans Mobility Pack
mobility/licensing License handler for NetBeans Mobility
mobility/proguard Proguard obfuscator and integration layer
mobility/project Java ME /MIDP project infrastructure
mobility/www Web pages (you do not get this module if you use mobility_nowww alias

Visual Designer

The Visual Designer documentation is located at the MobilityDesignerHome page.

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