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This document describes high-level view of high-level modules and their dependencies.

Modules List

Whole designer is split to the following modules:

  • Model
  • IO
  • Screen View
  • Flow View
  • Palette
  • Inspector
  • Properties
  • Code Generation / 2-way Editing
  • Analyzer
  • Game Editor
  • Build-in MIDP Components
  • 3rd-party Components

Modules Dependency

Following image showing the modules dependencies:


The "Other Views" represents all other modules that are plugged in as presenters/view: Palette, Inspector + Property Sheet / Features Panel, Code Generation / 2-way Editing, Analyzer, Game Editor.

Modules Descriptors

Model (mobility/designer2/model module)

This module contains the API for a model of the designer. The model is language/runtime/view independant. It just holds data, cares about transactions, undo/redo, event listening, registration of types, component descriptors, presenters.

IO (mobility/designer2/io module)

This module contains communication with the rest of the IDE e.g. Data objects, Projects integration, Editor Views registration, loading/saving.

IOJavaME (mobility/designer2/iojavame module)

This module supplies particular JavaME-project-specific data object and a source code editor view.

Screen View (mobility/designer2/screen module)

This module adds a Screen Design editor view.

Flow View (mobility/designer2/view module)

This module adds a Flow Design editor view.

Palette (mobility/designer2/palette module)

This module adds Component Palette top-component.

Inspector (mobility/designer2/inspector module)

This module adds Inspector top-component

Properties (mobility/designer2/properties module)

Provides API to display properties inside of Properties Window

Code Generation / 2-way Editing (mobility/designer2/codegen module)

This module adds support for code generation from the model to the source code. Optionally it allows 2-way synchronization between the source code and the model.

Analyzer (mobility/designer2/analyzer module)

This module adds Analyzer editor view.

Game Editor (mobility/designer2/game module)

This module adds Game Editor editor view. Optionally it adds new components (Sprite, TiledLayer, ...). That would require dependency on Build-in Components module.

Build-in Components (mobility/designer2/midp module)

This module registers Java, J2ME, MIDP types and component descriptors.

3rd-party Components (mobility/designer2/midpnb module)

This module registers additional 3rd-party Java, J2ME, MIDP type and component descriptors.

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