NetBeans Mobility Information Plan and Deliverables



This Information Plan describes the information strategy and deliverables for the !NetBeans 6.0 Mobility release.

Objectives For This Release

Our main objective for this release is primarily to highlight and explain new Mobility features:

  1. New VMD UI design:
  • Improved Screen Designer UI
  • Improved Flow Designer UI
  • New Custom Components
  • Design Analyzer
  1. Improved Configuration Management
  2. Improvements to the build system
  • Preprocessor support
  • Configuration support
  • Deployment support
  • Project support
  1. Changes to Deployment Manager
  2. Improvements to SVG Support
  3. Game Designer
  4. Merged CLDC and CDC UIs
  5. RIM Blackberry plug-in(?)

The strategy for the Mobility help is reflected in the NB6UmbrellaDocPlan.


  • All planned features have been implemented by time of Feature Freeze.
  • No new UI changes will be introduced between Beta 2 and FCS.


  • Features need to be complete enough to accurately document.
  • UI stability is critical for step by step documentation accuracy.
  • Engineering to be available to answer questions related to the new features listed above.
  • In the case of tutorials, Engineering will supply an application that illustrates the subject of the tutorial.
  • Thorough review of online help and articles by Engineering and/or QE.

Docs Priorities

  • Tutorials that highlight new 6.0 features
  • Online Help that informs users of new 6.0 features
  • Updates of existing tutorials for 6.0 interface changes and capabilities

Specific Docs Deliverables and Preliminary Schedule

NOTE: These dates based on current information. They may change due to various circumstances, such as date slips, unavailability of SME, or unavailability of sample applications.

High Priority

Item Writer SME Date Due
Online Help 90% Complete BS iTeam DONE
CLDC Getting Started Guide BS iTeam DONE
CDC Getting Started Guide BS iTeam DONE
Resolving Java ME Device Fragmentation Issues BS -- DONE
Online Help 100% Complete BS iTeam DONE
CLDC Game Development BS Karel Herink 11/21/07 FCS
Visual Mobile Designer Update BS Karol Harelzak after FCS
SVG Composer and other new features BS Pavel Benes after FCS
Custom Component Tutorials updates BS Karol Harelzak DONE
Data Binding and Web Services GW Michal Skvor 11/21 FCS
CDC CrEme (Windows CE) Emulation BS PCM Reddy 11/21/07 FCS
All Web site pages updated BS N/A ongoing

High Priority:

  • Tutorials that highlight new 6.0 features:
  • CLDC Getting Started Guide
  • CDC Getting Started Guide
  • Resolving Java ME Device Fragmentation Issues
  • Data Binding
  • Visual Mobile Designer Update
  • MIDP Game Development
  • Custom Component Tutorials updates and new tutorials
  • CLDC (and CDC?) Project Configuration changes
  • CDC CrEme vm for Windows Mobile
  • Online Help That describes new 6.0 features:
  • Game Development
  • Visual Mobile Designer redesign and new custom components
  • Project Configuration changes
  • Expanded coverage of CDC features and emulators
  • Documents Rolled into NetBeans overall docs:
  • Installation instructions
  • Release Notes

Medium Priority:

  • Updates of existing tutorials for 6.0 interface and capabilities
  • Importing Java ME Projects into the NetBeans IDE
  • Adding and Editing Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) Files in the Mobility Pack
  • Visual Mobile Designer Custom Components: Creating Mobile Wait Screens
  • Visual Mobile Designer Custom Components: Creating Mobile Tables
  • Visual Mobile Designer Custom Components: Creating Mobile Splash Screens
  • End-to-End Demo (is covered by two end-to-end tutorials?)

Low Priority (May be updated after FCS):

  • Securing Mobile Applications With NetBeans
  • NetBeans Day Mobility Demo (Monitor Web Application)
  • NetBeans Location Based Services Mobility Demo
  • On-Device Debugging with Sony Ericsson and the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0
  • On-Device Debugging with the Siemens TC65 and the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0
  • NetBeans 5.0 End-to-End Demonstration
  • Testing Java ME Code in the Mobility Pack with JMUnit
  • Easy Emulation With NetBeans Mobility Pack 4.0
  • How to create and use Mobile Class Library with NetBeans 4.0
  • How to create a J2ME MIDP RSS Reader application with NetBeans 4.0
  • Controlling Sony Ericsson Devices Remotely using the NetBeans IDE
  • Creating Headless builds (Nb wiki FAQ or tutorial)

What This Plan Does Not Cover

  • Online Help to Web migration (if and when that occurs)
  • Unplanned additions during Beta that are "must have" and require fresh documentation effort
  • Localization planning is coordinated by Patrick Keegan. We adhere to all NetBeans Docs deliverables dates.


See the NB6UmbrellaDocPlan


  • New features introduced after feature freeze may not get documented in online help. Mitigation: Document new features on the Web via tutorials, articles, and blogs.
  • Limited staff and vacations might require online help to be completed after Beta 1 deadline. Mitigation: Partial review of online help that is complete, the rest to be completed as soon as possible. Medium- and low-priority tutorials delayed till after FCS.
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