New and Noteworthy in NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 Q-build

JMUnit Support

This feature integrates JUnit support with mobile projects. User can easily generate skeletons for tests. All necessary libraries are add to classpath and packed to distribution jar. Mobility Pack use JMUnit framework for runing the tests on device. When you generate tests then new JAD property is added JMUnitTestClasses. This property lists all the test classes. When you run the project new TestSuite MIDlet appears in the list.

File:Mobility55QbuildNewAndNoteworthy/j2meusupport-create-tests-dialog Mobility55QbuildNewAndNoteworthy.jpg

SVG Support

There are new components SVGSplashScreen, SVGWaitScreen, SVGImage, SVGAnimatorWrapper, SVGMenu, SVGMenu Element in palette for SVG support. You can preview and play SVG images and animations in editor. External editor will open when you want to edit an SVG image. You can setup the SVG external editor in Options.

You can generate PNG files and sequence of animation frames from an SVG image or animation for all configurations in your project. The generated files are named by the configuration and with the right size.

File:Mobility55QbuildNewAndNoteworthy/55q-svg-components-in-palette Mobility55QbuildNewAndNoteworthy.jpg

Drag'n'drop Support for Images

You can drag and drop images and svg images directly to components. New Image or SVGImage resource wil be created automatically and assigned to the component. This increases usability of the product.

Custom Components Fixies

The TableItem custom component had problems on some devices. The issues has been solved. Due to huge variety or different java implementations on devices the issue can't be fixed completelly... There is new class ColorSchema for defining colors of TableItem, WaitScreen and SplashScreen. It can solve issue with colors on certain devices.

Version of MVD Document Increased

There were uncompatible changes (new components, new properties, fixies) therefore visual designer files created in builds after Beta2 builds cannot be opened in "older" builds. Visual design files from previous version will be automatically converted to new format when they are opened in IDE. User will be warned about this change.

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