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Netbeans Mobility Developer Page

NetBeans Mobility is an extension to NetBeans IDE that helps developers to write, test, and debug applications for the Java Micro Edition platform (Java ME platform) technology-enabled mobile devices. Netbeans Mobility is an open source project and also serves as a platform for additional Java ME tools.


  • Custom components A Visual Mobile Designer which is part of Mobility offers tools to create Visual Mobile Designer Custom Components.

Report a bug

Software bugs are inevitable and we'd appreciate your input if you've encountered a defect or want an enhancement included in future releases. Please use the links below to share your bug discoveries or insights about what the IDE should include.

Join the community

The Netbeans Mobility is a phenomenal tool for Java ME developers. Want to make it better? Then participate in our developer community meetings, user groups and developer email lists for more information about how you can help develop future enhancements of the Mobility.

  • Mailing lists. There are several mailing lists. Subscribe to users@mobility to discuss how to use Netbeans Mobility or general Java ME questions by sending an email to Developers contributing to the Netbeans Mobility source code (eg: new components, plugins, etc) should subscribe to
  • Partners. Netbeans Mobility is an open source project. One of the goals is to provide a platform for all Java ME Tools. It's easy to get help from fellow developers who can be contacted by using the dev@mobility mailing list. This is a great resource if you need help with integrating your tool with Mobility, contributing a sample, or need tutorial assistance. More information about how-to contribute to NetBeans can be found at NetBeans Contribution page.
  • Emulator integration Additional emulators can be integrated through Unified Emulator Interface. Emulator that does implement UEI will be automatically recognized by the IDE. Mobility is a reference implementation for IDE side.

Download Dev Build

Dev Builds of Netbeans (trunk) including Netbeans Mobility

To download newest build of Netbeans look into and chose zip files which represents Netbeans Java edition, file name:

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