A milestone is a build with certain features implemented. A milestone build goes through a week(s) of testing and stabilization before being released. Completed Milestones downloads.


Deliver sets of features to NetBeans users early and regularly to get feedback on the features. Perform stabilization of development version of NetBeans and allow us to compare reality of what is implemented to our plans.


How often Implementation phase - 4 weeks followed by 1 week stabilization phase.
When see the latest release schedule
Implementation Phase During 4 weeks implementation phase we are supposed to:
Implement features planned for given milestone in trunk
Merge bigger features from private branches to trunk after thorough testing
Inform about features slipping from current milestone to next one
Milestone Stabilization Trunk daily build is announced on Monday to be tested for milestone stabilization week:
Unless specified otherwise stabilization is performed at trunk.
NetBeans QE tests daily builds (sanity, manual, and automated testing on multiple platforms)
Community volunteers are encouraged to test as well
Development engineering stabilizes IDE. Fix as many bugs as possible (use priority), not only Stoppers are fixed
Testing takes whole week. During this time users can report Stoppers to Coordinator.
Stoppers are tracked under special milestone umbrella issue
Milestone Clone The milestone clone is created on Monday morning CET always.
Fixing Stoppers Responsible developers have to fix all Stoppers during the stabilization week
Developers commit fixes into the separate milestone CVS branch when stabilization week is over
After last fix, new build is created
Test results New and noteworthy feature description is updated to reflect what's in the milestone and what has slipped to the next milestone
Announce Milestone Milestone is announced: Email to and
Updates Milestones index page
Milestones We are running milestones for NetBeans Dev (trunk).


  • Code line is in a testable state. All risky integrations done before milestone stabilization needs to be tested prior merge to trunk.
  • Highly visible bugs - have to be fixed in the next milestone
  • Stabilization is a real stabilization period during which the focus is on bug fixing.
  • Developers are expected to resolve all potential Stoppers before the stabilization week.
  • All Stoppers must be treated as high-priority bugs and fixed as soon as possible.
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