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NetBeans 6.5 Milestone Downloads

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NetBeans 6.1 Milestone Downloads

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NetBeans 6.0 Milestone Downloads

Milestone# M10
QA report M10 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans IDE 6.0 M10 (build 200706281431)
Promoted on July 2nd, 2007
Download Binaries

Milestone# M9 / Preview
QA report M9 Report
Promoted Build # 200705021220 (070502)
Promoted on May 4th, 2007
Download Binaries

Milestone# M8
QA report M8 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans: 200703280911, Mobility: 20070328_1
Promoted on 29/03/2007
Download Binaries and sources or NBI

Milestone# M7
QA report M7 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans: 200702191730, Profiler: 20070219_1, Mobility: 20070220_2
Promoted on 21/02/2007
Download Binaries and sources

Milestone# M6
QA report M6 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans: 200701150200, Profiler: 070116, Mobility: 070116-m6
Promoted on 16/01/2007
Download Binaries and sources

Milestone# M5
QA report M5 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans: 200611291315, Profiler: NO, Mobility: NO
Promoted on 29/11/2006
Download Binaries and sources

Milestone# M4
QA report M4 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans: 200610231500, Profiler: 20061024_1, Mobility: 20061024
Promoted on 10/24/2006
Download Binaries and sources

Milestone# M3
QA report M3 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans: 200609161800, Profiler: 20060918
Promoted on 09/19/2006
Download Binaries and sources

Milestone# M2
QA report M2 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans: 200608141200, Profiler: 20060815_1
Promoted on 08/15/2006
Download Binaries and sources

Milestone# M1
QA report M1 Report
Promoted Build # NetBeans: 200606301330, Profiler: 20060630_1
Promoted on 07/03/2006
Download Binaries and sources
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