NetBeans 6.0 M7 Report

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Stabilization Feb 12th-Feb 18th
Released Feb 21th

What's New and Noteworthy

M7 contains new features you might find interesting. Following features and improvements were added and tested in M7:

  • Java Web Start support for J2SE Projetcs
  • Expression stepping in Debugger
  • NetBeans Installer
  • Profiler Improvements
  • CSS editor
  • Local History and Subversion Properties Editor
  • and many others

There is a list of new M7 features for the complete picture of news in M7. M8 will be stabilized during a week of Mar 19th and released around Mar 26th.

Quality status

M7 has issues that users should be aware of when using it:

  • 95796 - Strange information message each NB startup. Find more details in this issue and for possible workarounds.
  • 95919 - Rename Ref|Rename package does only file rename

Stoppers fixed were:

  • 92287 - IO exception while generating Entity Classes from DB
  • 93789 - Editor deadlock when editing document and creating embedding
  • 94005 - dataloss when creating servlet
  • 94888 - UTE when click on any node inside web project
  • 94939 - UTE when trying to create new CSS file
  • 95848 - deadlock during startup - cannot start IDE
  • 95913 - Live Results window is incorrectly sized

Bug counts

Some bug numbers for stabilization week

  • 321 bugs RESOLVED
  • 251 of them were FIXED
  • 178 filled

The report for Visual Web can be found here.

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