NetBeans 6.0 M5 Report

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Stabilization Nov 20th-Nov 24th
Released Nov 29th

What's New and Noteworthy

The biggest change in M5 is new Java/Editor infrastructure. The milestone also includes some smaller new features:

  • Ant processes have a progress indicator in the status line.
  • A new "project group" feature has been added.
  • CVS History Panels show Tags and Branches.

Due to the integration of the new Java language infrastructure, most Java EE development features are disable in Milestone 5. The features that do work include most web development support, including web project, JSP/HTML editor, deployment, web tier debugging, HTTP monitor etc. Also Mobility and Profiler functionality isn't completely updated for new Java infrastructure hence Mobility and Profiler packs are not released for M5.

Review full list of new M5 features for complete picture of what's new in M5. M6 will be stabilized during a week of Jan 2nd and released around Jan 8th.

Quality status

M5 has no serious issues users should be aware of when using it.

Stoppers fixed were:

  • 88091 - Code completion doesn't offer right method to objects in form editor
  • 89642 - NumberFormatException: in first step of "Check out" wizard.
  • 89651 - Cannot connect to Oracle database
  • 89810 - It's hard to type Repo URL in Check out wizard
  • 89982 - NPE when using search&replace makes IDE unusable
  • 90258 - M5 - installer breaks IDE installation

Bug counts

Some bug numbers for stabilization week

  • 179 bugs RESOLVED
  • 121 of them were FIXED
  • 110 filled

Bugs fixed into Milestone 5

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