NetBeans 6.0 M4 Report

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Stabilization Oct 16th-Oct 23rd
Released Oct 24th

What's New and Noteworthy

M4 contains new features you might find interesting. In brief following new features were added and tested in M4:

  • Java EE 5 support was merged from NetBeans 5.5 into NetBeans 6.0. You can now use Java EE 5 features with Glassfish app server
  • Integration with Windows Shell is now possible try Open With feature.
  • Profiler added several interesting features: Dynamic Attach, CPU live results and Heap Walker improved as well.
  • Other features you might find interesting are: Inline Diff, Flat packages in Classes view and Copy of call stack to clipboard.
  • Mobility Pack has its first Milestone so don't forget to check it as well.

Review full list of new M4 features for complete picture of what's new in M4. M5 will be stablized during a week of Nov 20th and released around Nov 27th. It will feature a new Java/Editor infrastructure and that will be a big change.

Quality status

M4 has no serious issues users should be aware of when using it. Java EE 5 support was successfully merged into NetBeans 6.0 and it can be used. Stoppers fixed were:

  • 86286 - Autoupdate blocks awt thread for long time
  • 87329 - Open recent file should listen on project rename
  • 87539 - SVG image shows XML file instead of SVG file
  • 87598 - Deadlock in editor during starting of ide

Bug counts

Some bug numbers for stabilization week

  • 105 bugs RESOLVED
  • 78 of them were FIXED
  • 121 filled
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