NetBeans 6.0 M1 Report

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Stabilization Jun 26th-30th
Released Jul 3rd

What's New and Noteworthy

M1 contains new features you might find interesting. In brief following features were added and tested in M1:

  • Drag and drop works for files
  • Various Project improvements
  • Subversion support is a part of a build
  • Profiling points allow to control Profiler similar to debugger
  • Profiler has also new Root method selection dialog

M2 will be stablized on Aug 7th and released around Aug 15th.

Quality status

M1 has no serious issues users should be aware of when downloading it. M2 stabilization week helped to get more bugs fixed and resolved than M1. Focus was on Core, Debugger, FormEditor, CVS & Subversion, Profiler and Editor as well. Also some serious regressions were cathed and fixed before M2 release.

Stoppers fixed

  • 74586 - Deleted files are not immediately listed in Versioning view.
  • 79051 - Documented syntax for evaluating expressions in Print Text field of Breakpoint customizers is wrong.
  • 79336 - Ant debugger stops on disabled breakpoints

Bug counts

  • 109 bugs RESOLVED
  • 76 of them were FIXED
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