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Mercurial NetBeans Plugin Module Release Notes

Release Notes for Revision 1.4

Supported Mercurial Version

This release will work with Mercurial 0.9.4 on all OS's and on some other OS's with 0.9.3.

  • Windows: there is a known mercurial bug that effects Status values in 0.9.3 which has been fixed in 0.9.4.
  • OpenSolaris: currently only 0.9.3 packages are available. The plugin will work with 0.9.3 on OpenSolaris and is not effected by the above Windows issue.

Use Refresh Status in Status Window to see External Changes

If you use Mercurial from the command line and want to make sure these external changes are reflected in the IDE, in the IDE open up the Mercurial > Status window and hit the Refresh Status icon on the Status Window's toolbar bar.

Initial Status Command can be slow

There is a known issue when opening the Status Window if you have just created a large number of locally new files (100's), which slows down the display of the Status Window and Commit dialog. When the Status Window has been opened the issue will not reoccur as all of the files are now in a local cache. Fixed in CVS head #119487.

Commit of 1000's of files not Supported

Due to a system limitation with exec it is not possible to commit large numbers (1000's) of files using the plugin. The actual number is system dependent. If you have a new project such as OpenJDK (+20k files) before opening it in the IDE run the following from the command line under the top level project directory: hg init, hg add, hg commit -m"initial commit".

Delete does not work properly

Deletion does not work properly for a directory which contains a subdirectory. Fixed in CVS #119878

Show Annotations failing after Pull

If after a Pull there are 2 heads, invoking Show Annotation on the file can fail as annotation is not being called on the correct revision. Fixed in CVS #119456

Copy and Paste issue

Copy a file, paste it to the same folder/package, rename it. This will fail as the file is not managed by Mercurial and an exception is thrown that should be caught and handled. Fixed in CVS head #119890

Diff does not currently list modified files in a Table, only in a Combo Box.

This is now supported in CVS and Subversion. Fixed in CVS head #119447

Rename in File View of Directories

Mercurial has problems renaming directories in File View. If you wish to rename a package please do so from the Project view. Fixed in CVS head #119442

Mercurial Properties

Even though the combo box appears to let you enter any property you want, you can only set the properties listed in the combo box, default-pull, default-push and username. Fixed in CVS head #119312

Rename New File not Supported

In this release renaming a new file, which has not yet been committed, is not supported. Fixed in CVS head #102717

Copy semantics

If you copy a file under a Hg controlled project, changes in the source are not propagated to the copy, which would be the normal Hg behavior. This is a current limitation of the Platforms Version control Interceptor and an RFE has been filed to address it.#102523

  • Note: correct Hg copy propagation does work for rename as this event is caught by the Interceptor.

Hg view (Hgk)

Hgk is a powerful repository viewer, displaying the changesets of a Mercurial repository in a graphical form. It is part of the base Hg distribution and can be invoked by typing "hg view" in a repository directory.


To get this working on OpenSolaris you need to do the following:

  • Add /usr/demo/mercurial/ to your PATH and run netbeans
  • Ensure Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Mercurial > Manage Extensions has an entry for hgext.hgk with no value
  • Run Mercurial > View to bring up hgk on the Mercurial controlled project
  • Fixed in CVS head. Works without the user having to set the PATH and hgext.hgk is automatically added as an extension #119250
  • Hgk Screenshot
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