This is the design notes for a new graphical menu designer for NetBeans.

Why do we need a new menu designer?

Currently users can only edit menus in NetBeans using code or context menus in the Inspector window by right clicking on menu objects in the 'other components' node. This is not very intuitive. It is hard to find. The Inspector view does not give the user a good sense of what the menu will look like at runtime. And it looks out of place compared to the nice visual way a user can edit other Swing components. All other successful GUI builders have visual ways to edit their menus. We need this for NetBeans. This feature is currently scheduled for NetBeans 6.0

Competitive Analysis of other Menu Designers

Microsoft Visual Studio Menu Designer

Apple's Interface Builder


Idea 6




2007_01_09 feedback

2007_01_24 designer proposal

design documentation

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