JavaScript Debugger Meeting Minutes


  • Sandip Chitale
  • Devananda (Deva) Jayaraman
  • Joelle Lam
  • Quy Nguyen


  1. Restructuring the modules (in terms of clusters etc) in case JS Debugger is asked to be made an optional feature (minimal PHP IDE). I have sent a query to Pavel/Tor about creation of javascript cluster. No response yet.
  2. Reorganization of UI and code to support
  • Firefox vs. IE based debugging (keeping Safari as a possibility on Mac in the future)
  • JS Debugger, AJAX monitor and DOM/CSS inspector
  1. Handling the I18N/L10N and encoding issues for data sent between IDE and Browser and the Web Server the browser is talking to
  2. I had mentioned this before - the NbJS level packages use:
  • JSFactory
  • JSBreakpointImpl - definitely something wrong here

Architectural Overview

Action Items

  1. Internationalization and Character Encoding over the socket.
  2. Client and Server Side Debugging Life Cycle
  3. UI Review ( Sandip )
  4. Unification of Dynamic Language Scripting Profiler ( Bug needs to be filed ). We don't need this for Netbeans 6.5, but architects should start to think about this.
  5. Confirm IE has the necessary API to create a profiler (Deva)
  6. A nice JavaScript Options Module that is extensible and observable.
  7. Make sure Visual Web is not a blocker on this project.

"Nice To Haves" or "Features for 7.0"

  1. DOM Window is to be cloneable with ability to specify target session.
  • There might be a drop down menu with "Current Session" as default option (this is the live or selected session from the sessions window) and a list of all the other sessions.
  • If a given session is selected, it will not dynamically change unlike DOM windows that have "Current Session" selected.
  • The goal of this feature is to is to allow users to compare DOMs from different browsers.
  1. DOM Diff
  • The ability to run a diff on two different Doms
  1. Firefox 3.0
  • We will support this for 6.5 IFF there is minimal changes required.
  1. JavaScript Profiler

Status / Round Table

  • Sandip is putting together the docs for the UI Review
  • Deva - currently able to open IE from Netbeans but much work still needs to be done.
  • Joelle -> Working on pushing http monitoring data from JavaScript over the socket.
  • Quy -> Reading about JavaScript and still researching for the DOM and CSS window.
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